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Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders

Referrals, Admission and Discharge



Inidividuals interested in services may contact the clinic directly. The clinic secretary completes a Client Candidate Card for each person who interested in receiving services

Most clients who have not had a recent evaluation (within the past year) will be scheduled for a diagnostic evaluation. Clients with recent evaluations are considered candidates for therapy.


Individuals are invited to participate in the clinical service programs on a semester basis. 

  • An individual admitted for treatment services must exhibit a communication disorder or a communication difference which they wish to address (i.e., accent modification), and must show potential to benefit from services. Candidacy for services is determined by testing, interview, and/or record review.
  • Services provided by the RFP Clinic may or may not be in addition to services provided elsewhere for the client (schools or medical settings). With the client´s signed consent, all efforts will be made to coordinate interagency services, and to assist the client/family in seeking the most appropriate level and type of service.
  • Admission for services each semester is not guaranteed. All client candidates will be reviewed prior to the semester. Assignments will be based on student learning needs in addition to factors such as client needs, ability to benefit from service, and commitment to attendance.

Clinic Program Access Fees

The CSD Department holds the philosophy that the RFP Clinic should be as accessible as possible to individuals in the community. Increased access allows for the following:

  • An adequate and appropriate client base for student clinical education
  • An opportunity to meet the service mission of the University of Minnesota Duluth

To meet these goals, the RFP Clinic charges clients a Clinic Program Access Fee, which represents a part of the cost for services rendered and is non-refundable. The Clinic does not charge "fee for service" rates, and thus does not charge the customary market rates for services. The Clinic does not access third-party reimbursements such as insurance, Medicare, or Medical Assistance, and will not process insurance forms/payments. The Clinic does not qualify for Medicare reimbursement.

Clinic Access Fees are reviewed yearly and are based on factors such as operational costs of the clinic, client accessibility, and the amount of university and external funding for clinic operations. Current rates are posted on the CSD Web site under Robert. F. Pierce Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic.

A Clinic Fee Support program has been established for clients who are not able to pay the Clinic Program Access Fee. Clients may request an application.  Clients must turn in the completed Application for Clinic Fee Support by the due date in order to be considered for fee support


Discharge Policy

Individuals are discharged from direct services based on the following criteria:

  • The client has achieved all therapy objectives and s/he or the family is satisfied with the communication ability.
  • The client/family chooses to terminate services.
  • The client´s attendance interferes with sufficient progress.
  • The client is in need of more comprehensive services which can be obtained elsewhere.
  • The client has not demonstrated sufficient progress over the course of two semesters to warrant continued services.

In the event of discharge based on limited progress, the client/family will be informed that the current course of services will likely be of minimal benefit at this time. The client/family and the intern (under the clinic instructor) will discuss other community services and support systems which may be available for fostering communication improvement and maintenance. If the client/family wishes to continue services at the RFP clinic and if there is a client opening available, services may be continued upon review of the case by the clinic director. Clients are welcome to re-apply for services if their status changes.


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