Identification of Swallowing Patterns Associated with Dysphagia

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Disordered Swallow - Adult

The subject in these videofluoroscopy segments is an adult male, who was over 60 at the time of this study and had suffered a cerebrovascular accident (CVA).

Aspiration - thin liquids

Delayed Pharyngeal Swallow and Pharyngeal Pooling (movie "Adult delayed swallow")

Once the pharyngeal response is triggered, good laryngeal elevation is seen. Following the swallow, there is significant pooling in the valleculae and pyriform sinuses, indicating reduced pharyngeal sensation. The subject did not spontaneously swallow a second time and had significant difficulty swallowing a second time when asked to do so.


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Special thanks to St.Mary's/Duluth Clinic (SMDC) Radiology and Speech Pathology departments for providing the videofluroscopy studies of the normal adult.