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Cultural Entrepreneurship is a program that is designed for Liberal Arts students to develop critical business, entrepreneurship and creative skills necessary to participate in the booming culture and creative economy. We do not expect all students with this degree to start new ventures. Instead, the major helps students with a unique and valued skillset and mindset that can be applied in intrapreneurial ways throughout their careers. The degree is founded on four key areas of knowledge and expertise described below.

Business: This section is composed of a Certificate of Business Administration (16 credits of business courses offered through an online program). The courses provide introduction to various aspects of operating a business, such as Human Resources, Accounting and Operations.

Entrepreneurship Core: This section is composed of 12 credits of Core Entrepreneurship Courses with a focus on Cultural and Creative Industries. The entrepreneurship curriculum spans from idea generation to developing and testing a microcosm of the business over a sequence of four courses. Students develop an entrepreneurial mindset through exploring, creating, risk taking, failing, and learning from their failures. Courses include field work, case studies and entrepreneurship simulation to obtain first hand entrepreneurial experiences.

Conceptual Competencies Core: This section is composed of 9 credits with a focus on developing knowledge about and expertise in six conceptual competencies: Creativity & Design, Empathy, Story, Symphony, Meaning and Play. Scholars have identified these competencies to be central for our individual and collective success in the conceptual age we all live in.


Foreign Languages and Cultural Literacy Core: This section is composed of 4 to 24 credits with a focus on cultural literacy through the study of Foregin Languages. By learning Foreign Languages students are able to communicate across cultures, think creatively, and break business barriers. Students have the flexibility to study either one or two Foreign Languages and also have the option to study 2xxx or 3xxx level Foreign Language courses taught in English.


For a complete outline of the Cultural Entrepreneurship B.A. click HERE!
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