October 16, 2001, Volume 19 number 4

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Tweed Museum of Art Schedule
    A UMD Faculty Exhibition entitled "Stephen Hilyard: Yours is the Earth" will be on display through October 21. Hilyard is a British artist who moved to Duluth after living in California for ten years. The artwork in the exhibition will make use of 3D digital animation, quilting and woodcarving.
    Pianist Shulamit Maneev will perform a concert in Tweed at 7:30 pm on October 18.
    An Artist Lecture by photographer Catherine Opie will be presented at 6 pm on October 18.
    The presentation entitled "Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) ‹ Ofrenda Family Altar Displays" is sponsored by the UMD Hispanic/Latino/Chicana Learning Resource Center and will be displayed from October 23 to November 11.
    Fritz Scholder (painter and sculptor) will give an artist lecture at 7 pm on October 23 in the Tweed Court Gallery. The lecture is free and open to the public. His work, "Fritz Scholder: Last Portraits" will be displayed from October 23 to January 13.
    Robert Bjork will give a lecture entitled "The Concatenating Effect of Fritz Scholder's Art" at 12 pm on October 24 in the Tweed Lecture Gallery. This lecture is free and open to the public.
    Painter, Sharon Ellis will be giving an artist lecture at noon on November 1 in the Tweed Lecture Gallery. This lecture is free and open to the public.
    "Neil Welliver: The Prints" will be on display from November 6 to January 13.
    Gallery owner, Phillipe Alexandre will give an artist lecture at 7 pm on November 6 in the Tweed Lecture Gallery. This lecture is free and open to the public.

    For more information regarding the exhibitions and events mentioned above, call Mary at the Tweed Museum of Art at 726-7823.

music EVENTS

    A "Concerts in Tweed" event that features pianist Shulamit Maneev will be presented at 7:30 pm on October 16 in the Tweed Museum of Art. Call 726-8202 or 726-8212 for more information.
    A concert by the Jazz Combo will be performed at 6:30 pm on October 24 in Kirby Ballroom.
    The Bernstein/Krenzen Jazz Scholarship Concert will be held at 7:30 pm on October 31 in the Marshall Performing Arts Center.

theatre EVENTS

    The UMD Theatre Department will open its 2001 ­ 2002 season with the musical production of Cabaret in the Marshall Performing Arts Center. This production will run from October 18 ­ 21 and 24 ­ 27 at 8 pm. Cabaret is set in Berlin in 1930. The world of Cabaret, at first glance, appears bawdy, frivolous, titillating, and frenzied. Yet as the smokey illusion clears, there is a contrasting vision of the destruction of personal lives and values by the growing menace of Nazi power. Call the UMD Box Office at 726-8561 for more information.

EVENTS lectures


    "Indonesia: Three Views" will be presented at noon on Thursday, October 18 in the Kirby Bullpub. After attending a meeting of the International Society for Ecological Economics in Canberra, Australia in the summer of 2000, David Yount, retired ecologist from the USEPA, and his wife, Geiger Yount, spent several months in Southeast and South Asia. Yount will show slides from three of Indonesia's islands: Java, Borneo (Kalimantan) and Sulawesi, each of which has a distinctly different culture, religious tradition, ecology and natural history.
    "Teaching and Touring in East Africa" will be held at noon on Thursday, November 1 in the Bullpub. Donn Branstrator, UMD's Biology Department, will discuss his travels and work in East Africa, with additional commentary by Stacy Crawford. They will present a slide show and tour of the culture, wildlife and ecology of Lake Victoria.

    For more information, contact Cindy Christian at 726-8616 or alworth@d.umn.edu.


    "Understanding Islam" will be held at 7 pm on Tuesday, October 16 in the Pilgrim Congregational Church, UCC, which is located at 2310 E. 4th St. Duluth. It is an open forum with comments by Aydin Durgunoglu, UMD Department of Psychology, and Arshia Khan, UMD Graduate with a MS in Computer Science. This is an opportunity to understand the basic tenets of one of the world's great religions. Questions regarding the Islamic religion and its effects upon the lives of its followers will be answered. This event is co-sponsored by Pilgrim Congregational Church, UCC.
    "Pakistan and Global Politics" will be held at noon on Wednesday, October 17 in Ballroom B of UMD's Kirby Student Center. It will be presented by Arshad S. Karim, retired Political Scientist and Vice Chancellor of the University of Karachi, Pakistan. Karim will discuss the evolving role of Pakistan in international politics with special attention to the changing nature of that role since the events of September 11 and attacks in Afghanistan. Karim has written fourteen books and more than one hundred research articles and has an extensive teaching and administrative career. His areas of interest include governance, globalization, gender issues, ethno-regional problems, development, public administration and comparative politics. Karim will also be making the following presentations: "The Geopolitics of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan" will be held at 9:30 am on Tuesday, October 16 in Montague Hall 70.
    "Islam and Pakistan towards World Relations" will be presented at 11 am on Wednesday, October 17 in Montague Hall 70.

    For more information, contact Cindy Christian at 726-8616 or alworth@d.umn.edu.

    Learn about invasive plants and how to control them in our yards, parks, and wilds. Registration, refreshments and displays will be presented from 5:30 - 6 pm and a lecture, demonstrations, and prizes will be presented from 6 - 8 pm on Wednesday, October 17, at the Grounds Fleet Facility, 120 Elizabeth Street, UMD. Find out what is so bad about buckthorn, loosestrife, and tansy. Learn how to choose native plants for landscaping. The event is cosponsored by UMD Facilities Management, U of M Extension, Hartley Nature Center, Duluth Tree Commission, Sea Grant, and Wild Ones Natural Landscapers.


    Retired Duluth city planner Jerry Kimball will do a slide presentation, "Smart Growth and Duluth's Greenbelt: How the Greenbelt Shaped Duluth" at the next Urban Studies Brown Bag presentation from noon to 1 pm on October 17 in 140 Kirby Plaza. Kimball will trace the origins of Duluth's park system back to the late 19th century, consider the question of how much land Duluth should devote to parks and green space, and deal with such controversial issues as five acre lots within the Duluth city limits. There will be coffee and cookies available. For information contact Judy Trolander at 726-8271.

    University for Seniors lectures are 45 minutes and are followed by a question and answer session.
    "Contemporary Muslim Women" will be presented at 1:15 pm on October 17 in the Kirby Bullpub by Sharon Kemp, associate professor, Department of Sociology/Anthropology. The lecture will draw from both Kemp's experiences with village life in India, and her extensive research on women of the Islamic faith tradition. Kemp will confront some of the stereotypes that we have in the West regarding women in Islam.
    "Portrait of Omaha Women" will be held at 1:15 pm on November 14 in the Kirby Bullpub. Joyce Kramer, professor, Department of Social Work, has looked into the history of this once prominent Plains tribe and found accounts of extraordinary Omaha women, many strong in the areas of human service.

    President Yudof's annual State of the University Address will be broadcast live on the UMD campus on closed circuit television from 3 to 4 pm on Thursday, October 18 in 458 Humanities. At the conclusion there will be a time for questions via telephone link.

    "Chemistry of Benziodazoles and Benziodoxoles," will be presented by Alexey Koposov, Graduate Student, Department of Chemistry, UMD, at 3 pm on Friday, October 19 in 150 Chemistry.
    "A Biosynthetic Approach to Modeling and Studying Unique Copper Proteins," will be presented by Steven Mark Berry, Graduate Student, Department of Chemistry, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, at 3 pm on Friday, October 26 in 150 Chemistry.
    "Fluorometric Imaging of Transmembrane Ion Fluxes," will be presented by Jeffrey Smith, Department of Chemistry, UMD, at 3 pm on Friday, November 2 in 150 Chemistry.
    "Impact of Copper Deficiency on CU, Zn-superoxide Dismutase," will be presented by Joseph Prohaska, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Medical School, UMD, at 3 pm on Friday, November 9 in 150 Chemistry.
    "Occupational Asthma," will be presented by Jean Regal, Department Immunology, Medical School, UMD, at 3 pm on Friday, November 16, in 150 Chemistry.
    "Carbon Sequestration in Northern Peatlands and Global Climate Change," will be presented by John Pastor, Department of Biology and Natural Resources Research Institute, UMD, at 3 pm on Friday, November 30 in 150 Chemistry.
    "Thermal Stability of Lithium Ion Batteries," will be presented by Gerardine G. Botte, Department of Chemical Engineering, UMD, at 3 pm on Friday, December 7 in 150 Chemistry.
    The Department of Chemistry will host the preceding seminars. Coffee and cookies are served at 3 pm.

special EVENTS

    Planetarium shows will be offered every Wednesday, at 7 pm in 130 Marshall W. Alworth Planetarium. For more information contact planet@d.umn.edu or 726-7129.

    Marjorie Agosin will present "Gender, Memory and Human Rights in Latin America," at 7 pm in 80 Montague on October 18. For information call 726-8444.
    Janine Pease-Pretty on Top will present "The Changing World of Multi Cultural Education and the Advantages of Having Diversity in Our World" at 10 am on October 18 in the Tweed Museum of Art and at 9:15 am on October 19 in 409 Library. For information call 726-6293.

    National Depression Screening Day will be offered for all UMD students, staff, and faculty from 1 to 4 p.m. on Tuesday, October 16 in the Kirby Bullpub. Learn more about depression and participate in an optional confidential screening and personal interview. The event is sponsored by UMD Health Services. Call 726-7046 for more information.

    On Monday, October 22 the UMD School of Business and Economics is holding an event called Professor for a Day. There are 19 alumni coming back to campus to talk to our classes and to participate in panel discussion such as: "The View from The Executive Suite", "A Successful Job Search", "Career Paths and Career Development", and "Responding to Change".
    The day will begin with a breakfast in the Garden Room for the returning alumni. There will be a continental breakfast for SBE students in the SBE Atrium at 8:30 am. The alumni, who will be on campus all day speaking with classes, are from companies all over Minnesota and hold positions such as Chief Financial Officer, Sr. Vice President, President, Director of Marketing, Human Resource Director, Vice President of Finance, Senior Accountant, and Tax Staff. The companies represented include Best Buy, Moline Machinery, General Mills, Pillsbury, Minnesota Power, US Bank, DTE Energy, Miller-Dwan and McGladrey and Pullen. For more information call Elaine Hansen at 726-6793, or e-mail at ehansen@d.umn.edu.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month
    October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. There will be a film entitled "Defending our Lives." on October 23 in Kirby 355-57 at noon. For more information about events contact WRAC at 726-6292.

    The five degree-granting colleges will host a Major/ Minor Expo from 9 am - 1 pm on Friday, November 2, in Kirby Student Center (across from the bookstore). Undecided students, students considering a change of major, and students who have not yet chosen minors can stop by to pick up major/minor planning sheets and talk with college and academic department representatives from CLA, SBE, CEHSP, CSE, and SFA. Students can complete Change of Program (College) forms at the expo; November 5 is the last day to file for UMD change of college for Spring Semester 2002.

    The fall Campus Assembly meeting is scheduled for 2 pm on Tuesday, November 6 in Kirby Ballroom B. Refreshments will be served at 1:30 pm. Agendas will be mailed to assembly members before the meeting and copies will be on file in the library. Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to attend.

glensheen EVENTS

    Guided tours are offered at Glensheen from 9:30 am - 4 pm, daily through October. The exhibit, "The Congdon Family Silver" will run through October 31.

October 16, 2001 Campus News

October 16, 2001 Faculty/Staff News

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