October 16, 2001, Volume 19 number 4

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Arlene Atwater, UMD Stores, is one of four Minnesota fiction writers chosen to pursue advanced criticism and professional development opportunities with five nationally recognized writers through the Loft Literary Center's 2001-2002 Mentor Series. Atwater's work was chosen by short story writer and novelist Amy Bloom whose first collection of short stories was a finalist for the National Book Award and by novelist Agymah Kamau. Atwater will read with Amy Bloom in May, 2002. For additional information see www.loft.org.

The Bush Foundation in St. Paul will exhibit three photographs by Gloria DeFilipps Brush, professor and head, art department, in their main hallway area over the next year. Thomas Barry of Thomas Barry Fine Arts in Minneapolis was consultant on the project.

Lynn Bye, assistant professor in the Social Work Department is giving a presentation at the Midwest School Social Workers Conference entitled "College Students: A Community Resource." The presentation will review research on resiliency in children and the preventative power of a positive relationship with one caring adult. A prototype of a program that involves college students mentoring elementary age students will be shared for possible replication.

Ron Caple, Department of Chemistry, presented two plenary lectures on "Multi-Component Coupling via Tandem Sequential Electrophilic Addition Reactions," in Russia in September. The first was at a conference on "Organic Chemistry and Medicine," in Ufa, the second conference was "Contemporary Problems of Organic Chemistry," in Novosibirsk.

Priscilla A. Day, chair of the Social Work Department, Kathy Heltzer, instructor and field coordinator, and Kathleen Nuccio, associate professor were asked to give the keynote address at the annual Minnesota Council on Social Work Education Conference in South Haven, Minnesota on October 11. They were selected out of all of the social work educators in the state to give this keynote address. The presentation will cover the history of the journey toward incorporating cultural competence in a meaningful way into the Social Work Department. It will provide social work programs in universities and colleges around the state with a model for how change can occur including the use of the Learning Circles strategy.

Arun Goyal, assistant professor of biology, has recently published following papers: A.S. Rishi, N.D. Nelson and Arun Goyal (2001) "Molecular Farming in plants: a current perspective." Journal of Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology 10: 1-12; AS Rishi, ND Nelson and Arun Goyal (2001) "Genetic modification for improvement of Populus." in the Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants 7: 7-21. D Ghoshal, SK Sen and Arun Goyal (2001) "Introduction and expression of Cowpea Trypsin inhibitor (CpTI) gene in transgenic tobacco." in the Journal of Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology 10: 19-24.

Chancellor Kathryn A. Martin was recognized as a Pacesetter by the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) for her efforts and initiatives to make academic advising a top priority at UMD. Several faculty and staff members nominated her for this award.

Jon L. Pierce, professor of organization and management in the Department of Management Studies, recently had an article "Toward a Theory of Psychological Ownership in the Organizational Context" published in the Academy of Management Review. He also had a book, Management and Organizational Behavior: An Integrated Perspective, co-authored with Donald G. Gardner, from James Cook University, Townsville, Australia, published by South Western Publishing Company.

Rip Rapp, Regents' Professor of Geoarchaeology, just returned from four weeks in China continuing his field work at the Shang Dynasty site of Anyang.
He received a National Science Foundation grant of $115,000 for his next two year's work on the Shang, including the new buried Shang capital city that Rapp and his team discovered three years ago. The National Geographic Society magazine sent a crew to do a story on the Shang Dynasty, including the new city, now called Huanbei Shang City. Rapp also gave the opening address at an archaeological conference in Beijing.


Nenad Trinajstic, Sonja Nikolic both of the Rugjer Boskovic Institute, The Republic of Croatia, Subhash C. Basak and Istvan Lukovits, Chemical Research Center, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary, published the paper "Distance Indices and Their Hyper Counterparts: Intercorrelation and Use in the Structure-Property Modeling" in the international journal SAR and QSAR in Environmental Research, vol. 12, pp. 31-54, 2001.

Tom Malterer and Kurt Johnson attended the study tour "Irish Raised Bogs ‹ Conservation, Utilization, and After-Use," in Ireland in early September. At a post-tour conference they presented the poster "Effects of Mulch, Companion Species, and Planting Time on Peatland Restoration: Results of a Three-Year Study." John Kingston organized the 16th North American Diatom Symposium that was held recently at YMCA Camp du Nord on Burntside Lake near Ely. All aspects of diatom alga --- marine and freshwater, extant and extinct --- were the subject of presentations by professors, researchers, federal and state government agency staff, undergraduate and graduate students, and consultants. Participants from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Poland, Germany, Russia, Bolivia, Czech Republic, Republic of Macedonia, China, and Taiwan took part.


L.A. Meyer, A.P. Durley, Joseph R. Prohaska, professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Z.L. Harris published a manuscript entitled "Copper transport and metabolism are normal in aceruloplasminemic mice" in the Journal of Biological Chemistry 276, 36857-36861 (2001).

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