March 12, 2002, Volume 19 number 12

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Matt Andrews, professor of biology, has published two papers dealing with the genes that control hibernation in mammals. Specifically, he has discovered the differential expression of two genes responsible for fuel selection in hibernating thirteen-lined ground squirels.

The paper entitled “Expression of a chimeric retroviral-lipase mRNA confers enhanced lipolysis in a hibernating mammal” can be found in the American Journal of Physiology , vol. 281, R-1186-92.

The other paper, published in 2002, entitled “Coordinate expression of the PDK4 gene: a means of regulating fuel selection in a hibernating mammal,” was not only published in the journal Physiological Genomics (vol. 8, 5-13), but was also featured by the editor in the same issue. This editorial focus (Glueck, S.B. and Heldmaier, G., Physiol Genomics 2002, vol. 8, 3-4) highlights the work and comments that the differential expression of PDK4 offers mechanistic insight into the hibernation fuel switch and a better understanding of obesity in humans.

Ken Gilbertson, Director of the Center for Environmental Education, was awarded the MN DNR Division of Parks and Recreation 2001 Teamwork Award for his work with Tettegoouche and Jay Cooke State Parks.

Cecilia Giulivi, associate professor, Department of Chemistry was awarded a grant by the Minnesota Medical Foundation for support of her proposal entitled “Applications of UV-Visible Spectroscopy to Biomedical Research.” This award, in addition to matching funds from the CSE Dean’s office, provides support to purchase a fiber optic and reflectance probe equipped spectrophotometer. This equipment will be used to gain insight into the absorption changes of myoglobin in isolated, perfused heart during ischemia and reperfusion. This research is currently performed in the labs of Giuliv and Lois J. Heller, Professor Physiology, School of Medicine.

Giulivi, presented a lecture at the 2002 Gordon Conference on Oxygen Radicals held in Ventura, CA. The title of the presentation was “Mitochondria and Nitric-Oxide Syntheses,” and was part one of four talks presented on Mitochondrial Function in Health and Disease.

Jim Klueg, professor of art, has an image of his vase, Dictum, and related text included in Matthias Ostermann’s The Ceramic Surface, recently published by A&C Black, London. Klueg will also have another vase, Coffee Palindrome, included in the Texas National 2002, April 16-May 12 at Stephen F. Austin University, Nacogdoches, TX. The national all-media exhibition’s juror is photographer Sandy Skoglund.

Carmen M. Latterell, assistant professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, and Janelle L. Wilson, associate professor, Department of Sociology/Anthropology, presented “What is Mathematics? A Transformation of Pre-Service Mathematics Teachers’ Definitions,” at the annual meeting of the American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences, in February, in Las Vegas.

Cheryl Reitan, UMD publications director, was a featured reader in early March at an event that celebrated the Bemidji State University publication Dust and Fire. The reading will be broadcast over KAXE radio on the weekly literary show Realgoodwords.

Viktor Zhdankin, professor and Alexey Koposov, graduate research assistant, Department of Chemistry, recently had the following articles published: “Secondary Bonding-Directed Self-Assembly of Amino Acid Derived Benziodazoles: Synthesis and Structure of Novel Hypervalent Iodine Macrocycles” in the Journal of American Chemical Society, vol. 123, p. 4095 (2001), and “Functionalization of Buckminsterfullerene by Hypervalent Iodine Reagents” in Mendeleev Communications, p. 51 (2001).


Iwao Iwasaki, senior research associate, UMD NRRI-CRTD/Minerals and Salih Ersayin, program director UMD NRRI-CRTD/Minerals, attended the 2002 SME Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, recently and presented papers
entitled “Magnetic Field Application in Cationic Silica Flotation of Magnetic Taconite Concentrates” and “Magnetically Enhanced Hydroseparator.”


Mustafa al’Absi, assistant professor, Department of Behavioral Sciences, published an article in this month issue of the American Journal of Cardiology titled “Blood Pressure Responses to Acute Stress and Left Ventricular Mass (The Hypertension Genetic Study).” Al’Absi is the lead author on the article, which was based on the national Hypertension Genetic Network study funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. The multi-site study was conducted in Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Utah, Alabama, and Massachusetts. Collaborating investigators were from Weill Medical College, Cornell University, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, University of Alabama, Birmingham, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Washington University, St. Louis, and University of Utah, Salt Lake City.

Jean F. Regal, Department of Pharmacology, was awarded a grant on Childhood Asthma called “Differential Allergen Sensitivity in Induction and Elicitation of Asthma in Young Versus Adults.” The performance period runs through January, 2006. This grant is funded by U.S. Army Medical Research and Material Command under the Congressionally Directed Medial Research Program.


eff Gunderson, associate director, was presented with a membership award by the State of Minnesota Fish Marketing Board in February. The award recognized his strong support and contributions to the Minnesota commercial fishing and aquaculture industries. Gunderson has also assisted with marketing and conservation plans for Minnesota’s natural fisheries resources.

Cindy Hagley
, environmental quality specialist, gave the presentation, “Infusing water quality curriculum with cutting edge technology,” to 110 middle and high school earth science teachers as part of the 16th Annual Minnesota Earth Science Teachers Conference, at Science Museum of Minnesota in February.

Douglas Jensen
, Exotic Species Information Center coordinator, gave the presentation, “Tips for Aquatic Nuisance Species Youth Learning Kits for the West Coast: Lessons Learned from the Great Lakes,” at the Invader Investigators! Kit Development Workshop, Portland, Oregon, in January. The workshop was attended by exotic species experts, educators, and organizations interested in partnering on youth education programming from Oregon, Washington, and California.

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March 12, 2002 Campus News

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