May 14, 2002, Volume 19 number 16

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Tim Holst, associate dean, College of Science and Engineering, was elected Chair of the Board of Governors of the National Conference on Undergraduate Research at a recent Board meeting. The Board consists of 24 individuals from colleges and universities across the nation. Holst has served as Treasurer of the Board for the last four years, and has two years left on his current term on the Board.

William Fleischman, professor of sociology and David Smith, professor of anthropology, were among a number of University of Minnesota faculty recognized for their involvement in community research at the Community-University Connection Celebration and Showcase. The celebration was hosted by the U of M Regional Sustainable Development Partnership and the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs with support from the University’s Civic Engagement Task Force and was held at the Humphrey Center on 30 April.

Deborah Petersen-Perlman of the Office of Equal Opportunity and member of the UMD Commission on Women presented a paper on “Mentoring the Ignored: Encouraging Civil Service Employees” at the 15th Annual
Diversity in Mentoring conference in Fort Worth, Texas in April. The paper was written by Petersen-Perlman with Linda Larson of the Department of Athletics and member of the UMD Commission on Women.

Randall K. Skalberg, assistant professor, UMD accounting, recently published the article “Can You Stay for the Weekend? The Tax Treatment of Business Travel Policies for Saturday Night Stayovers” in the January/February 2002 edition of Today’s CPA. The article describes the corporate and individual tax treatment of travel policies that provide financial incentives for business travelers utilizing Saturday night stayover discounts.

Skalberg also presented a paper entitled “Two Step Mergers Under Rev. Rul. 2001-46 --A Logical Extension of the IRS’ Section 368 Triangular Reorganization Trilogy” at the Midwest Business Administration Association Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL, in March. This paper addresses the potential for a new method of structuring a tax free tender offer for a publicly traded company.

Janelle Wilson, associate professor, Department of Sociology/Anthropology and Carmen Latterell, assistant professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, were quoted in the January 27, 2002 issue of the Boston Globe, for their work with elementary school children and perceptions of mathematicians. The children’s illustrations reflect the “common wisdom that mathematicians are, at best, socially challenged eggheads,” said Wilson and Latterell, in the article ‘’Nerds? Or nuts? Pop culture portrayals of mathematicians,’’ that appeared last summer in the academic journal Et Cetera. The Globe went on to say that the “two professors... compiled data, anecdotes, and examples of supernumerate cranks and crackpots from film and fiction to make a case that American culture persistently portrays mathematicians as unattractive or unstable. The authors worry that young people exposed to the images are going to steer clear of higher math.”




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