December 10, 2002, Volume 20 number 8

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Dalibor Froncek, assistant professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, presented a contributed talk entitled “Bi-cyclic Factorizations of Complete Graphs into Spanning Trees” at the Fourth Cracow Conference on Graph Theory in September in Czorsztyn, Poland.

Joseph Gallian, professor, Department of Mathematics, has been asked to chair the search committee for editor of the journal Math Horizons, a monthly publication of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA). Gallian published the article “Who is the Greatest Hitter of Them All?” in the September issue of the journal. He also published the article “Putnam Trivia for the 90’s” in the book The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition: 1985 2000 published by the MAA in 2002.

Pam Griffin, Access Center general disability services counselor and ICL instructor, has been accepted as one of twenty participants in a three-year nationwide project, “Do-It Admin,” sponsored by the University of Washington in Seattle. The “Do-It Admin” project expands “Do-It Prof” activities to improve the knowledge and skills of postsecondary student service administrators and staff for making their programs accessible to students with disabilities on their campuses. Griffin was a participant in the “Do-It Prof” project as well. Five models of professional development will be created. Each participant will also work with a partner school to assist in creating and delivering these models. Griffin’s partner school is Fond Du Lac Tribal and
Community College. One of the tools developed in “Do-It Prof” is the Faculty Room, a comprehensive on-line resource for faculty in postsecondary institutions. It includes information on academic accommodations for students with disabilities, universal design of instruction, computer technology and web accessibility, rights and responsibilities of students with disabilities and faculty along with a number of other resources. The Faculty Resource Room can be accessed through the Access Center’s homepage ( and the faculty link or directly at

“The Geologic Map of the Duluth Complex and Related Rocks, Northeastern Minnesota” (2001, Minn. Geological Survey Miscell. Map 119) was produced by J. D. Miller, Jr., adjunct assistant professor, J. C. Green professor emeritus, M. J. Severson, V. W. Chandler, and D. M. Peterson, NRRI. “The accompanying Report of Investigations 58, Geology and Mineral Potential of the Duluth Complex and Related Rocks of Northeastern Minnesota” (2002, Minn. Geological Survey)was authored by Miller, Green, Severson, Chandler, Steven Hauck, NRRI, Peterson, and T. E. Wahl.
The Minnesota Geological Survey recently published two 1:24,000 scale geologic maps of North Shore areas: “Bedrock geology of the French River and Lakewood quadrangles, St. Louis County”, and “Bedrock geology of the
Knife River quadrangle, St. Louis and Lake Counties,” both authored by T. J. Boerboom, J. C. Green, and M. A. Jirsa.
C. B. Hemstad, D. L. Southwick and R. W. Ojakangas, professor emeritus, are authors of the Bedrock Geologic Map of Voyageurs National Park and Vicinity, Minnesota, published by the MGS as Miscellaneous Map 125, 2002.

Joseph R. Prohaska, professor, and Bruce Brokate junior scientist, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, published “The Timing of Perinatal Copper Deficiency in Mice Influences Offspring Survival” in the Journal of Nutrition 132: 3142-3145 (2002).

Eun-Kyung Suh, assistant professor, Department of Art and Design, will have her light fixture, “Schism and Unity,” included in Craft Forms 2002 at the Wayne Art Center, Wayne, PA. The national juried exhibition is jurored by Lloyd E. Herman, the founder of the US National Craft Museum, the Renwick Gallery, and Smithsonian Institution.

Patti Tolo, SFA Development Director and Cheryl Reitan, UMD publications director, served as judges for the Case District VI communication competition. District VI covers colleges and universities in Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. The winners will be announced at the Council for
Advancement and Support of Education conference in St. Louis, Missouri in January.

Professors Viktor Zhdankin and Ron Caple, Department of Chemistry, recently returned from trip to Baku State University in Azerbaijan. They both presented invited lectures; Zhdankin on his recent advances in hypervalent iodine chemistry, and Caple on his application of electrophilic additions in organic synthesis.


Subhash Basak was an invited speaker at the international conference entitled “Thirty First Year of the Topological Index Z,” organized by Ochanomizu University,Tokyo, and National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan. He presented the following papers at the conference: a) An invited lecture “Numerical graph invariants: Development and applications in drug discovery and risk assessment of chemicals: by Subhash C. Basak
b) “On Clustering of JP-8 Chemicals using graph invariants,” by Basak, Brian D. Gute, Gregory D.Grunwald, and James Riviere,College of Veterinary Medicine, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC c) “Quantitative Molecular Similarity Methods in the Estimation of Chemical Properties and Activities: A Comparison of Arbitrary Versus Tailored Similarity Spaces” by Gute, Basak, Denise Mills and Douglas M. Hawkins, School of Statistics, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

Basak continued his trip to Singapore where he discussed collaborative research with Professor Limsoon Wong, Director, Laboratories for Information Technology, National University of Singapore.

Subsequently Basak traveled to India to participate in a conference entitled “Science and Economy: New Insights on Medicinal Plants and Floriculture” organized by Darjeeling Doohrs Postgraduates’ Welfare Association (DDPGWA), Darjeeling, West Bengal, India, and Institute of Rural Development, Natural Disaster and Environmental Management, Kolkata, India. Basak was the chief guest in the conference and gave a presentation entitled “Indigenous medicinal plants and modern drug discovery: A computational approach in the post-genomic era.”

Douglas Hawkins gave a presentation “Some Statistical Thoughts,” authored by Hawkins, Subhash C. Basak, Brian D. Gute and Denise Mills at the JP8 jet fuel toxicology conference organized by the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research and North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC in November.

Basak and collaborators published the following papers in the international journal SAR & QSAR in Environmental Research: a) “Predicting of tissue-air partition coefficients: A comparison of structure-based and property-based methods” by Basak, Mills, Hawkins and Hisham El-Masri (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, Center for Disease Control, US Health and Human Services, Atlanta, GA), Vol. 13, pp. 649-665, 2002. b) “Novel matrix invariants for characterization of changes in proteomics maps” by Milan Randic (Emeritus Ellis and Nelle Levitt
Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, Drake University, IA), Jure Zupan and Marjana Novic (both of the National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia), Brian Gute and Subhash Basak, Vol. 13, pp. 689-703, 2002
c) “Quantitative molecular similarity analysis(QMSA) methods for property estimation: A comparison of property-based, arbitrary, and tailored similarity spaces” by Basak, Gute and Mills, Vol. 13, pp. 727-742, 2002.

R. Natarajan, Inderjit Nirdosh, both of the Department of Chemical Engineering, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay,
Subhash C. Basak and Denise Mills published the paper “QSAR modeling of flotation collectors using principal components extracted from topological indices,” in the Journal of Chemical Information and computer Sciences, volume 42, pp. 1425-1430, 2002


 See next issue of currents.


See next issue of currents.

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