Tuesday, March 8, 2005, Volume 22, Number 11

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Dalibor Froncek, associate professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, presented the talk, “Orthogonal double covers of complete graphs by caterpillars with diameter” at the Krakow Workshop in Graph Theory “3 in 1” in Krynica, Poland.

Randall Hicks, biology professor, was an invited participant at the WERF Microbial Source Tracking Workshop held in San Antonio, TX in February. Hicks was invited to present a talk entitled “Bacterial Source Tracking in Lake Superior - A Case Study” Hicks and Winfried Ksoll (WRS Graduate Student) presented at the 2005 ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting held in Salt Lake City, UT in February. Hicks presented a talk entitled “Relationship Between Land Use and Sources of of Stream E. coli at Difference Scales in Watersheds.” Wendy Hieb (WRS Graduate Student), Kang James (Mathematics & Statistics), and Lucinda Johnson (NRRI) were coauthors. W. Ksoll presented a poster at the meeting entitled “Dynamics of Fecal Coliforms and Sources of Eschericia coli in an Epilithic Periphyton Community.” Hicks was a co-author of this presentation.

Matt Olson (former biology graduate student), Richard Axler (NRRI) and R. E. Hicks (Biology) recently published “Dynamics of freezing and storage temperature on MS2 viability” in the Journal of Virological Methods 122:147-152.

Catherine Jo Ishino, associate professor of graphic design, spoke on a panel, “Graphic Design: Current Trends, Curriculum, Assignments and Sustenance,” at thennual national College Art Association conference held in Atlanta this March. The paper she presented was “Walking the Line: a hybrid teaching assignment and strategy.” It focused on the outcomes of her Graphic Design 3 class that was a semester-long, information and intermedia design project with web, print and video. The class goal was to create a Public Service Announcement to ‘get out the vote’ for 18 - 25 year olds for the 2004 Presidential Election on, since they’re demographic had the lowest voter turnout rate in the last one. The poster series recently won the UMD Student Design Organization’s Design Online contest for “Best Collaborative Project’. Additionally, this fall 2005, Ishino has an article, “Hybrid teaching: from practitioner to professor” that will be published in Steven Heller’s 2nd Edition book, The Education of a Designer. In it, she focuses on what she brings to her teaching, given her past experience of working in the design industry for 14 years. Catherine writes about her goal of balancing the ‘ideal’ of academe with the ‘real’ of the workplace in her pedagogy at UMD. Ishino’s DVD, “WW2: Voices of Re-remembrances: 12 family stories” is on display as part of “The Immigrant Experience: Movers and Seekers” show at the Michigan Historical Museum in Lansing until October 2005. She also participated on a panel speaking about her experience, as a granddaughter of Japanese immigrants, growing up in Michigan.

Ron Marchese, professor, Department of Sociology & Anthropology, presented a paper, “More than a Famous Battle: Plataiai.” at the 48th Annual Missouri Valley History Conference in Omaha, Nebraska in March in the military history section. The topic dealt with the archaeological excavations and survey of the ancient site of Plataiai currently being conducted by Marchese and his colleague Andreas Konecny of the Austrian Institute of Archaeology of the University of Vienna. Marchese also had published the book The Fabric of Life: Cultural Transformations in Turkish Society. Marchese, the general editor, wrote and co-wrote chapters of the text including “From Tent to Town: A Cultural Paradox,” “The Power of Cloth,” and “Protecting the Populace.”

Rajiv Vaidyanathan, associate professor, Department of Management Studies, was named one of the recipients of the 2005 Hormel Meritorious Teaching Award by the Marketing Management Association. The Third Annual Marketing Management Association Teaching Awards Competition is a national contest sponsored by Hormel Foods. Vaidyanathan will be recognized at the 2005 Marketing Management Association Spring Conference in Chicago.


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Subhash Basak, president of the International Society of Mathematical Chemistry (ISMC), Dilip K. Sinha, Chairperson of the Eastern Indian Chapter of ISMC, and Subhenda Gupta, Convener, Eastern Indian Chapter of ISMC, organized “Graph Theory and its International Conference Honoring Frank Harary.” It was held in January in Kolkata, India. The late Professor Harary was an internationally renowned American mathematician and graph theorist. A major highlight of the conference was an interactive session involving students and senior scientists to discuss the role of mathematical chemistry in drug discovery, herbal medicine, environmental protection, as well as the emerging genomics and proteomics technologies. Basak and coworkers gave the following lectures/presentations at the conference: “Advancing frontiers of graph-theoretic applications in environmental protection and drug design” an invited lecture by Basak (NRRI), “Graph invariants and design of mosquito repellents” by Natarajan Ramanathan and Basak (both of NRRI), and “Prediction of blood: brain penetration of chemicals using computed molecular descriptors:” by Christian T. Matson (NRRI), Lester R. Drewes (Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, School of Medicine, University of Minnesota Duluth) and Basak. Basak also participated in the international conference on Contemporary Concepts in Toxicology-Charting the Future: Building the Scientific Foundation for Mixtures Joint Toxicity and Risk Assessment, organized by the Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry (ATSDR), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA, in February. He presented the paper “Computer-Assisted Estimation of Blood:Air Partition Coefficients of VOCs: Implications for Chemical Mixtures” authored jointly by Basak, Denise Mills (both of NRRI), H.A. El-Masri (Quantitative & Risk Methods Group National Center for Environmental Assessment, Washington, DC), and M.M. Mumtaz (Research Implementation Branch NCEH/ATSDR, Atlanta, GA).


Richard Leino, senior research associate in the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, recently published a manuscript along with colleagues at the EPA in Duluth: Leino R. L., K.M. Jensen, and G.T. Ankley. “Gonadal histology and characteristic histopathology associated with endocrine disruption in the fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas).” Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology, 19 (2005): 85-98.

Edward K. Stauffer, associate professor of Physiology & Pharmacology, published a manuscript entitled “After hyperpolarization-firing rate relation of turtle spinal neurons” in the Journal of Comparative Physiology A 191, 135-146 (2005). The paper reported data and results of Stauffer and his colleagues at the University of Arizona for their collaborative research efforts.




Sarah Westberg, assistant professor, and a team from the College of Pharmacy, Duluth, Medical School-Duluth, and St. Scholastica Department of Nursing were one of three winners of the 2005 American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) Council of Faculties Innovations in Teaching Competition for their portfolio on “Interprofessional Standardized Patient Experiences (ISPE).” In the ISPE, second year pharmacy and medical students work with fourth year nursing students to complete an assessment of a standardized patient and collaborate to develop a thorough care plan for the patient. Westberg will present their work in a special session at the AACP Annual Meeting.

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