Tuesday, August 30, 2005 VOLUME 23, NUMBER 1

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Judy Bromen, Pam Griffin, and Penny Cragun, Disability Services and Resources, attended and presented at the AHEAD (Association of Higher Education and Disability) national conference in Milwaukee on August 4. Their presentation, “Note Taking in the Technological Age or Notes Without Paper (almost),” described DS&R’s development and use of scanning/e-mail to provide copies of class notes to students who need them because of their disabilities.

Douglas Dunham, professor, Department of Computer Science, presented a paper “H.S.M. Coxeter and Tony Bomford’s Colored Hyperbolic Rugs” during Coxeter Day at “Renaissance Banff”, the eighth annual Bridges Conference in Banff, Canada.

Mary K. Edgette, associate academic advisor, College of Liberal Arts, was selected as an outstanding advising award winner for the 2005 National Awards Program for Academic Advising. Edgette was one of eight academic advisors, nation-wide to receive this award.

James H. Fetzer, McKnight Professor of Philosophy, was the featured author at a book signing for American Assassination at Border’s, Calhoun Square in May and at Barnes & Noble, Duluth in June.

His co-authored (with John P. Costella) article, “The NTSB Failed Wellstone”, first appeared in fromthewilderness.com and then in the newsletter “From the Wilderness” in July.

He conducted a workshop on “JFK, 9/11, and Wellstone” and presented the keynote address on religion, politics, and morality at the peace and justice celebration Pigstock 2005 in Hagar City, Wisc. in July.

During the Third International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities held at Cambridge University, in August, he lectured on “Reasoning about Assassinations: Critical Thinking in Political Contexts.” While in England, he also presented a talk on “Conspiracy Theories: JFK, 9/11, and Wellstone.”

He authored a chapter, “Thinking about ‘Conspiracy Theories’: The Case of 9/11”, for the book, 9/11 and the American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out and also authored an article, “Reasoning about Assassinations: Critical Thinking in Political Contexts” for The International Journal of the Humanities.

Fetzer also composed two entries, “Carl G. Hempel” and “The Frame Problem”, for the second edition of The Encyclopedia of Philosophy. His book, The Evolution of Intelligence appeared in August. With Ellery Eells of UW/Madison, he co-edited The Place of Probability in Science expected in 2006. He will present “Is Evolution an Optimizing Process?” at the 25th Annual Meeting of the Association for Politics and the Life Sciences at the end of August.

Ron Marchese, professor, Department of Sociology & Anthropology, spent part of the summer in Istanbul at the Armenian Orthodox Patriarchate conducting research on sacred artifacts from the Armenian church collections. The first volume of work and third series of page proofs for Splendor and Spectacle: The Textile Artifacts from the Armenian Orthodox Churches of Istanbul were reviewed with the manuscript currently in press. The second volume Treasures of Faith: Sacred Relics and Artifacts from the Armenian Orthodox Churches of Istanbul has been accepted with the majority of artifacts that will appear in this volume already examined. Marchese also received the page proofs for the chapter “Sacred Embroideries from the Armenian Patriarchate in Istanbul” which will appear as a chapter in Vivarium in Context, Pozzo Publishers, Venice, Italy (December 2005). Also accepted for publication as a book chapter was “Archaeological Perspectives in an Ethnographic Context: Inter-Connected Material Culture” for the second volume of Ethnoaechaeological Investigations in Rural Anatolia, Istanbul (2005/06). Marchese, with Dr. Andreas Konecny of the University of Vienna and Vasili Arvanatinos, director of the Thebes Archaeological Museum, Greece, received permission from the Greek Department of Antiquities and the Ephorate of Boeotia to conduct ceramic and geo-physical surveys of the ancient town of Plataiai in July. The geo-physical survey, scheduled for October, 2005, will be in cooperation with the British Institute of Archaeology, Athens. Research in Istanbul and Greece was supported by the graduate school of UMTC and the McKnight Foundation three year grant in the Arts and Humanities as well as the Chancellor’s small grant program at UMD. Marchese is on sabbatical leave for the academic year.

Eun-kyung Suh’s works, “White Anger”, “From the Heart”, and “Schism and Unity” will be exhibited in “PAPERWORKS 2005” at b.j. spoke gallery in New York from August 23 through September 18. Suh was selected one of the winners who demonstrated their innovative use of paper. This exhibition was juried by Faye Hirsch, Senior Editor, Art in America, NY.


Crane, J.L. (MPCA-St. Paul), C. Richards (EPA-Duluth), D. Breneman (NRRI), S. Lozano (NOAA-Ann Arbor, MI), and J.A. Schuldt (UW Superior) co-authored “Evaluating methods for assessing sediment quality in a Great Lakes embayment” which was published in Aquatic Ecosystem Health & Management 8(3):1-27.

Grigorovich, I.A. (Virginia Polytechnic Institute), E.L. Mills (Cornell Biolgocial Field Station), C. Richards (EPA-Duluth), D. Breneman (NRRI), and J. J.H. Ciborowski (University of Windsor) co-authored “European valve snail Valvata piscinalis (Müller) inthe Laurentian Great Lakes basin” which was published in The Journal of Great Lakes Research 31(2):135-143.

Chris Burdett, gave a presentation on the history, current status and results from NRRI research on the Canada lynx in Minnesota at the International Wolf Center in July.

Christian T. Matson, Lester R. Drewes and Subhash C. Basak recently presented “Prediction of blood: brain penetration of chemicals using computed molecular descriptors.” This work was presented in a poster at the Sixth Conference on Cerebral Vascular Biology together with the Eighth International Symposium on Signal Transduction in the Blood-Brain Barriers which took place in Münster, Germany in June.

Ron Moen and Chris Burdett presented the results of Canada lynx research to the National Lynx Biology Team in August in Minneapolis.

Jerry Niemi presented “Research and Management of Canada lynx in Minnesota” at the Society for Conservation Biology Annual Meeting in Brasilia, Brazil in July. The presentation was co-authored by Ron Moen, Chris Burdett, David Mech (U.S. Geological Survey) and Ed Lindquist (U.S. Forest Service).

Mark Severson presented the following at the Tenth International Platinum Symposium in Oulu, Finland in August. “The PGE and gold potential of the Archean Deer Lake Complex, Minnesota, USA” and “PGEs and PGMs in the basal contact zone of the Mesoproterozoic Duluth Complex, USA” co-authored by Severson and S.A. Hauck. Both were published in “Platinum-group elements from genesis to beneficiation and environmental impact,” Geological Survey of Finland, Törmänen, T.O., and Alapieti, T.T. (eds).


George Host, NRRI, accepted a MERLOT Award of Exemplary Online Learning Resources on behalf of the Water on the Web site team (wateronetheweb.org) during the MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching) International Conference held in Nashville, Tennessee in July. It was one of 12 awards given nationally to recognize outstanding online resources and the creators of these resources for their contributions to the academic community. Sharing the award are Cindy Hagley, Bruce Munson, and Carl Richards with UMD Minnesota Sea Grant Program; Rich Axler, Elaine Ruzycki, and Norm Will with the NRRI; and Glenn Merrick with Lake Superior College. The team also received honorable mention for the Water on the Web site from the National Sea Grant College Program.

Doug Jensen, aquatic invasive species program coordinator, earned an award for his leadership and dedication on the national Habitattitude campaign from the National Sea Grant College Program. The award was presented at Sea Grant Week, held in June at Rockport, Maine.

Sharon Moen, Marie Zhuikov, Nick Zlonis and Debbie Bowen received an APEX award for publication excellence for “Superior Science: Stories of Lake Superior Research.” Communications Concepts, Inc., sponsors this international competition that recognizes outstanding content and the success of a publication in conveying a message.

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