Tuesday, June 27, 2006 VOLUME 23, NUMBER 16

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academic NEWS

The UMD ASSE Student Section has been chosen for the national ASSE Outstanding Student Section Award because of its professional development, research, community enhancement, recognition, and participation. A $6,000 award and plaque will be presented by Mine Safety Appliances Co. to the MEHS program. Funds are designated for scholarships, research assistance, and conference travel assistance. Over the past 23 years, UMD Master of Environmental Health and Safety Program students have won more scholarships and had more papers published than any other university.

Communication Sciences & Disorders faculty members and students have a record year at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention (ASHA) and the Minnesota Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention with a total of 14 presentations.
Mark Mizuko, Lynette Carlson and Jolene Hyppa-Martin, faculty, presented “It Pays to Work With Dementia Clients: Functional, Reimbursable Therapy” at the ASHA convention in San Diego. They also presented “Formative Assessment of Student Learning” with Kent Brorson, and Shannon Godsey, faculty. Mizuko and Hyppa-Martin had a third presentation “Infrared Eye-gaze Tracking: Joys and Challenges of Ultra High Tech” and Hyppa-Martin finished the convention with a solo presentation, “Dementia: Impact of Treatment Strategies on Engagement & Well-being.” Mizuko teamed up with 2 CSD graduate students, Kristi Morris-Johnson and Bobby Jo Mineheine to present “Educational Benefits on Communication Behaviors in Persons with Dementia.” Brorson presented “The Social Implications of a Frontal Lisp” with Stacia Syrett, graduate students.
Amy Skinder-Meredith, faculty member, presented “Increasing Awareness of Speech Pathology Through African American Focus Groups” with Kaylen Holmberg, student, and ?Increasing Awareness of Speech-Language Pathology Through American Indian Focus Groups” with students, Sara Cadotte and Kristy Sitkoski. She also presented “Error Patterns in 25 Children With Childhood Apraxia of Speech” with Stacy McConachie, graduate student and “Follow-up of Literacy Skills of Children With Childhood Apraxia” with April Lacoursiere, graduate student. Cindy Spillers. faculty, presented “Dysfluency Patterns in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders” with Alison Hietala, graduate student.
The streak continued at the Minnesota Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention in Brainerd with 4 presentations.
Spillers presented “The Sordid Tale of Stuttering?s Checkered Past.” She also presented “Fluency Interact Efficacy Study” with three graduate students, Lisa Fanfulik, Krystal Kivisto, and Jennifer Mau, and “Using Animal Assisted Therapy in the Field of Speech-Language Pathology” with another CSD graduate student, Rachel Mueller.
Skinder-Meredith presented “Patient-Centered Communication: The Effects of a Communication Toolkit and Training on Caregiver-Resident Interactions” with two more CSD graduate students, Collette Murphy and Jill Muecke.

The final pieces of the sculpture for the grounds outside of the Swenson Science Building were be delivered and assembled on June 2. The sculpture, titled “Wild Ricing Moon” was designed by John David Mooney, a Chicago sculptor with an international reputation. The piece is89-feet tall. The first half of this large-scale outdoor sculpture was erected in October, 2005.

Large Lakes Observatory has acquired a high-tech ITRAX x-ray fluorescence core scanner to help them study records of climate changes preserved in the sediments of lakes. The core scanner is a laboratory instrument developed for measurements of the variation of density and chemical element composition along sediment and soil cores. With the combination of optical imaging, high-resolution radiographic density imaging, and sensitive analysis, detailed structural variations are recorded together with the chemical basis for these variations. The instrument will enable a look at how the earth’s climate has altered in the past in response to solar activity, volcanic activity and atmospheric composition.
The device, designed and manufactured by Cox Analytical Systems of Gotenburg, Sweden is valued at approximately $400,000. It is the second of its kind installed in the United States, and the sixth in the world. .
Current projects at UMD’s Large Lake Observatory include studies of records recovered from Lake Malawi in East Africa and lakes in Central Asia, as well as the North American Great Lakes. The LLO core scanner will be available to the wider research community for collaborative projects.

The UMD Center for Economic Development announced recipients of the 14th Annual Joel Labovitz Entrepreneurial Success Awards in May. The 2006 recipients in each category are as follows: Micro-Entrepreneur Award: Steve and Clara Mikkelsen, Lake Country Machining, Two Harbors; Emerging Entrepreneur Award: Sandy and John Carlson, Carlson Media, Inc., Duluth; Established Entrepreneur Award: Donald and Roxanne Kain, Little Bear Lodges, Inc., Grand Rapids; Mature Entrepreneur Award: Mark Thune and Wayne Thune, Fraboni Wholesale Distributor Inc., Hibbing; Innovative Entrepreneur Award: Mike Dobe, Ascendview, Duluth; Lifetime Achievement Award: Jim Marshall and Cindy and Paul Hayden, Duluth; and David A. Martin Entrepreneurial Leadership Award: Kjell R. Knudsen, Dean of the UMD Labovitz School of Business and Economics.

Chancellor Kathryn A. Martin announced a gift of $265,250 from Wells Fargo Bank Duluth to support the Financial Markets Lab in the Labovitz School of Business and Economics (LSBE). The gift maintains the strong relationship between Wells Fargo Duluth and UMD, and the lab will continue to be named the Wells Fargo Financial Markets Lab. In addition to Financial Markets Program funding, Wells Fargo will offer three paid summer internships and additional practicum opportunities for LSBE students.

The Labovitz School of Business has announced a new department, the Department of Marketing. It was formerly part of the Management Studies Department. Associate Professor Praveen Aggarwal will be department head. The marketing major has been growing rapidly, from 68 majors in 1999 to 224 majors in 2005.

administrative NEWS


It’s time to update the UMD campus directory. One update will correct the published book and the UMD on-line directory. All updates must be completed by August 15. For instructions on the updating the UMD directories and the Twin Cities directory see: http://www.d.umn.edu/unirel/campusdirectory.html. If you need assistance, please don’t call the Help Desk. Contact Cheryl Reitan at 726-8996, creitan@d.umn.edu or Andy Manteuffel at 726-6927, amanteuf@d.umn.edu.

Recreational Sports Outdoor Program is again offering Freshman Outdoor Trips from August 29 - September 1, 2006. Faculty and staff are needed to participate. Trips include canoeing in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, hiking, canoeing, and climbing based in cabins near the Gunflint Trail, backpacking trip on the Superior Hiking Trail, rock climbing and hiking the North Shore, and sea kayaking trips in the Apostle Islands. For more information see “Outdoor Trips” at http://www.umdrsop.org/ or contact Tim Bates at 726-8743, tbates@d.umn.edu.

Check your personal listing at: http://www.d.umn.edu/people/. This information is the data that will appear in the UMD Campus Directory. If something needs to be changed, added or deleted, follow the steps below:
Step 1: Click on “People” on the UMD Home Page.
Step 2: Select “Updating Your Information” from the bottom of the page
Step 3: Enter your ID number (X.500 username) and password on the pop-up page
Step 4: Use the pulldown menu to choose General information, Personal addresses, Office addresses, Telephone numbers, Emergency Contacts and Directory Suppression.
Review all the areas and make necessary changes. Individuals are not permitted to change every piece of information. For help for staff listings, contact Audrey Olson, 726-6740, arolson@d.umn.edu. For help for faculty and P&A listings, contact Julie Topie, 726-6993, jtopie@d.umn.edu


Questions? Contact Cheryl Reitan at 726-8996.

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