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Angie Nichols, director GLBT Services, and Susana Pelayo-Woodward, director Hispanic/Latino/Chicana Learning Resource Center, co-presented “Creating Broadly Defined Multicultural Centers of Inclusivity: A Model Center with Grassroots Collaboration by Staff, Students and Administrators at the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity (NCORE) in Chicago May 30-June 3.

Sea Grant staff informed more than 600 6th grade students from area schools about aquatic invasive species aboard the Vista Star on the St. Louis River Quest educational boat trips, May 10-12 on the St. Louis River.


Jeff Gunderson, acting director, was part of a Great Lakes coaster brook trout restoration project that was recognized for “outstanding leadership and personal stewardship” during the White House Conference on Cooperative Conservation, which was held in St. Louis, Mo., in August 2005.

Cindy Hagley, environmental quality educator, and Jesse Schomberg, coastal communities educator, along with staff from the University of Wisconsin-Superior, earned an environmental stewardship award in the community group for their View From the Lake Project. The project was noted for its “outstanding efforts to restore or protect the natural environment in the Lake Superior basin.” The Lake Superior Binational Forum presented the award during July at a ceremony in Superior, Wisc.

Douglas Jensen, aquatic invasive species program coordinator, gave a presentation “Habitattitude - A National Education Campaign to Prevent the Release of Aquarium Fish and Plants,” at a meeting of Minnesota Pollution Control Agency staff in Duluth during June. Jensen gave the presentation, “Habitattitude: A Program Update,” at the Great Lakes Sea Grant Network Meeting held in Alpena, Mich., during June. Jensen gave another presentation, “Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers: An Opportunity for Partnerships,” at the quarterly meeting of the Minnesota Arrowhead Association in Gilbert during July. Recognizing the benefits provided through the campaign and the threats that aquatic invasive species pose to recreation tourism in northeastern Minnesota, the association passed a resolution to join the Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers! campaign.

Barb Liukkonen, water resources education coordinator; Nick Zlonis, communication designer; and Eleanor Burkett, Extension Service, were awarded the Sea Grant Program Leaders’ Outstanding Program Award at the Great Lakes Sea Grant Network Conference in Alpena, Mich., during June for their project to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species via water gardening. Their partners were Wendy Strombeck (oneD.design), Mike Klepinger (Michigan Sea Grant), and Mandy Beall (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources).

Schomberg gave a talk, “Climate Change, Mercury, and Stormwater: Bringing it all Home,” at the North House Folk School in Grand Marais during June. Schomberg also presented, “Rip Current Education in Duluth,” at the 2006 Great Lakes Rip Current Conference in Manitowoc, Wisc., during June.

Marie Zhuikov, communications coordinator, Jensen, and Marco Yzer with the School of Journalism and Mass Communications, Minneapolis campus, gave the talk “Integrating Audience Perspectives into Sea Grant Programming,” at the Great Lakes Sea Grant Network Meeting held in Alpena, Mich., during June.


NRRI water quality/diatom researchers recently gave the following talks:

Euan Reavie, “Great Lakes Diatom Tools: Advantages over Chemical Measurements in Paleolimnological and Monitoring Programs,” seminar at the 10th International Paleolimnology Symposium, in Duluth, Minn., June.

Amy Kireta presented a seminar on “Diatom-based nutrient models for the Great Lakes: Spatial and geomorphic considerations,” co-authored by Kireta, Euan Reavie, Rich Axler, John Kingston, Gerald V. Sgro (John Carroll University) at the North American Benthological Symposium, 54th Annual Meeting, in Anchorage, Alaska, in June. Kireta also presented a seminar on “A New Diatom-Based Phosphorus Model with Considerations of Lake and Geomorphic Characteristics,” co-authored by Kireta, Euan Reavie, Rich Axler, Gerald Sgro, and John Kingston at the 49th Annual Conference on Great Lakes Research in Windsor, Ontario, in May.

Gerald V. Sgro, presented a seminar on “Diatom-Based Tools to Assess Environmental Disturbance in Great Lakes Coastal Ecosystems,” co-authored by Sgro, Euan Reavie, Rich Axler, Amy Kireta, and John Kingston at the 49th Annual Conference on Great Lakes Research in Windsor, Ontario, in May.

NRRI researchers gave the following presentations at the 1st Annual Boreal Hardwood Transition Forest Bird Diversity Workshop on July 12: Jerry Niemi, “An Overview of Forest Bird Research at the University of Minnesota Duluth Natural Resources Research Institute” and Jim Lind, “Chippewa National Forest Bird Monitoring.”

Subhash Basak co-authored a paper cited as “Most Accessed” by the Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling for January -- March, 2006. The article, “Combining Chemodescriptors and Biodescriptors in Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship Modeling” 2006, 46(1), pp 9-16, was authored jointly by Douglas M. Hawkins (University of Minnesota Twin Cities), Basak, Jessica Kraker (University of Minnesota Twin Cities), Kevin Geiss (Air Force Research Laboratory) and Frank A. Witzmann (Indiana University School of Medicine).

Subhash Basak and Ramanathan Natarajan were in London in June to discuss collaborative research with colleagues at the Department of Crystallography, Birkbeck College, and University of London. They continued their journey to Dubrovnik, Croatia to give the following invited talks at the meeting of the International Academy of Mathematical Chemistry (IAMC), Dubrovnik, and June 15-17: 1) “Mathematical descriptors in the classification/ prediction of biological processes” by Basak, and 2) “On hierarchical QSAR approach” by Natarajan.

Basak, the current president of the International Society of Mathematical Chemistry (ISMC), discussed matters related to the progress of ISMC with IAMC members while in Dubrovnik. Basak chaired the scientific session “Modeling of Bioactive Molecules” at the 21st Dubrovnik International Course and Conference on the interfaces among Mathematics, Chemistry and Computer Sciences (Math/Chem/Comp 2006), Dubrovnik, Croatia, June 19-24. Basak’s group also gave the following invited presentations on their research at the MCC 2006 conference: 1) “Prediction of tissue partition co-efficients using mathematical structural descriptors versus experimental properties” authored jointly by Basak, Denise Mills, and Brian D. Gute (presented by Basak), and 2) “Descriptor thinning and proper cross-validation in QSAR” authored jointly by Natarajan, Basak, as well as Jessica J. Kraker and Douglas M. Hawkins, both of the Department of Applied Statistics, U of M TC campus (presented by Natarajan).


Timothy Stratton, associate professor, gave two presentations at the 2006 Annual Meeting of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) in San Diego, CA, in July. He gave: a poster presentation titled “Cultural Competency in a Pharmacy Ethics Course” and a podium presentation, “Teaching Professional Responsibility -- Meeting the ACPE Mandate: Evaluating our Teaching Strategies.” Stratton was also voted chair-elect of the AACP’s Pharmacy Ethics Special Interest Group (SIG).

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