Tuesday, June 24, 2008 * Volume 25, Number 16

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academic NEWS

Duluth, a city with some of the strongest Finnish roots in the United States, will host Finnish President Tarja Halonen on July 25. Halonen was invited to the event by organizers of FinnFest, an annual Finnish-American festival.
She will receive an honorary doctor of laws degree for public service from UMD, highest award given by UMD. The award will be presented to her by Chancellor Kathryn A. Martin, at the DECC. “Her outstanding leadership on behalf of the rights of women, and workers, and the poor have made her an international role model,” Martin said in a news release, “and she is truly deserving of this high award.”

Halonen was first elected to the country’s Parliament in 1979 and was re-elected four times. In 2000 she was elected the country’s president. She was re-elected in 2006.

The UMD Center for Indigenous Knowledge and Language Revitalization has created an academic online journal entitled Bemaadizing: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Indigenous Life. Structured to be highly interactive, Bemaadizing will provide an academic forum for universities and colleges as well as professional groups and organizations working in the field of Native American studies. The first issue of the biannual journal was published June 2. For more information, see http://www.bemaadizing.org/..

On May 9, 2008, the Board of Regents approved the following individuals for promotion and tenure:

Praveen Aggarwal, LSBE, Marketing, to full professor

Janelle Wilson
, CLA, Sociology/ Anthropology to full professor

Jannifer David
, LSBE, Management Studies, to associate professor with indefinite tenure

Julie Etterson
, SCSE, Biology, to associate professor with indefinite tenure

Nik Hassan
, LSBE, FMIS, to associate professor with indefinite tenure

Jennifer E Jones
, CLA, Sociology/ Anthropology, to associate professor with indefinite tenure

Olaf Kuhlke
, CLA, Geography, to associate professor with indefinite tenure

Alexandra Luong
, CEHSP, Psychology, to associate professor with indefinite tenure

Fay Maas
, CEHSP, Psychology, to associate professor with indefinite tenure

Venkatram Mereddy
, SCSE, Chemistry and Biochemistry, to associate professor with indefinite tenure

Molly Minkkinen
, CEHSP, Education, to associate professor with indefinite tenure

Elizabeth Minor
, SCSE, Chemistry and Biochemistry, indefinite tenure

Viktor Nemykin
, SCSE, Chemistry and Biochemistry, to associate professor with indefinite tenure

Jean Perrault
, SFA, Music, to associate professor with indefinite tenure

Daniel Pope
, SCSE, MIE, to associate professor with indefinite tenure

Jennifer Schultz
, LSBE, Economics, to associate professor with indefinite tenure

Randall Skalberg
, LSBE, Accounting, to associate professor with indefinite tenure

Rosemary Stanfield-Johnson
, CLA, History, to associate professor with indefinite tenure

Jean Stevenson
, CEHSP, Education, to associate professor with indefinite tenure

Eun-Kyung Suh
, SFA, Art & Design, to associate professor with indefinite tenure

JiYoon Yoon
, CEHSP, Education, to associate professor with indefinite tenure

Congratulations to nine UMD faculty members retiring in 2007-2008. Richard Seybolt, Professor of Spanish; J Clark Laundergan, Professor of Sociology-Anthropology; William Fleischman, Professor of Sociology-Anthopology; Thomas Bacig, Professor of Cultural Studies; Stephen Adams, Professor of English; Raymond Raab, Professor Of Economics; John Voss, Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering; Raj Karim, Professor of Biology; and Donald Collins, Assistant Professor of Health, Physical Education and Recreation.

Energy is an increasingly popular subject around the world, and UMD is responding with several initiatives to provide students with heightened awareness of the complex energy field. During spring semester a senior-level course in energy conversion systems was attended by 23 students in MIE, Chemical Engineering, and Electrical and Computer Engineering. This interdisciplinary course will be offered again during fall Semester. And to broaden energy awareness campus-wide to students in any field of interest, a new freshman honors course in renewable energy, ECE 1501, will be offered in spring 2009.

This academic year saw the completion of a study of campus energy consumption and greenhouse gas production that provides insight into the associated footprint of each degree granted. Significant progress was also made on studying the establishment of a new campus entity that would formally address important energy issues of the state and region. For information contact Tom Ferguson at tferguso@d.umn.edu.

administrative NEWS

All ACA-accredited camps require either a health history or physical examination of campers prior to camp. Some states require an annual pre-camp medical evaluation.

At the UMD QuickCare Clinic, 107 Kirby Student Center, an experienced physician assistant provides the required physical exam and helps complete the up-to-date health history and medical report.

QuickCare Camp Physicals are available to anyone in the community with medical coverage, not just University employees. See http://www.d.umn.edu/quickcare/ or contact
qcare@d.umn.edu, 726-8666.

UMD Market Day in the Plaza is every Wednesday thru September 24) from 2-4:30 p.m. and features the farmer’s market, live music, artist’s booths, UMD Stores sidewalk sales, penny-an-ounce fountain pop, and 1/2-price coffee. (Beverage specials in UMD Stores only.) The music line up for June and July are: Jerree Small, Gable & Galen, Donna Statzell, Dan Burrows, Jimi Cooper, Michael Monroe. Visit http://www.umdstores.com or listen to KUMD 103.3 fm on Tuesday mornings at 8:15 a.m. to find out what’s happening each week. http://www.kumd.org.
UMD Stores Summer Sidewalk Sale kicks off on July 30 with the UMD Market Day event and Michael Monroe performing. The sale runs through August 3 in Kirby Plaza. Stop by for great savings on UMD wear and gifts, art supplies, snacks, computer supplies, office and school products, and much more. Hours will vary during inventory June 27 - July 1.

UMD Stores welcomes visitors to FinnFest 2008, July 23-27. Visit the UMD Stores booth during the Tori at the DECC in Duluth.

Jefferson Lines offers daily bus service, year round, from the UMD Campus to the Twin Cities. Purchase tickets at UMD Stores street level.

For store hours, events, and merchandise visit http://www.umdstores.com

One update will correct both the UMD campus directory published book and the UMD on-line directory. You may begin to update at any time and all updates must be completed by August 15, 2008. The Twin Cities Directory site is now "live" and taking changes for next year's directory.. See http://www.d.umn.edu/unirel/campusdirectory.html. For information contact Cheryl Reitan at 726-8996, creitan@d.umn.edu or Andy Manteuffel at 726-6927, amanteuf@d.umn.edu.

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