Tuesday, December 9, 2008 * Volume 26, Number 7

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faculty/staff NEWS

Alison Aune, associate professor and area chair of art education, presented a research project, “Inspirations from Finland: Creating an Art and Design Curriculum in a Northern Minnesota Classroom” with art education student Heather-Marie Bloom and Duluth art teacher Susan Ranfranz at the Art Educators of Minnesota Fall conference at St. Cloud State University, in Nov.
Aune and art education student Kelsey Engel presented their research on the Cross Cultural Craft Investigations in Teacher Training: Inspirations from Finnish Design in a Northern Minnesota Classroom project at the Crafticultaion & Education Conference at the University of Helsinki, Department of Home Economics & Craft Science in Sept. In addition to the conference, Aune and Engel were invited guests to meet with faculty of the Department of Art Pedagogy at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallin, Estonia.

Kent Brorson, faculty, Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders, along with Sara Krenik, graduate student, presented “Survey of Educators’ Regarding Roles of Speech-Language Pathologists” at the ASHA convention in Chicago. Brorson also presented with graduate students, Rachel McKian, with “Staff Communication Training: Effect on Social Communication Within Group Homes,” and Lindsey Peterson with “Speech-Language Pathologists’ Perceptions of Classroom-Based Language Intervention.” Kelly Bernhardt, first year graduate student, presented “Perceptual Ratings of Resonance for Individuals With Cleft Palate.”

Gloria DeFilipps Brush, professor, Department of Art and Design, was invited by Jim Fitts to participate in the 2008 Photographic Resource Center auction exhibition at Boston University’s 808 Gallery in Oct. Her work also was in the online exhibition during Sept. and Oct.
DeFilipps Brush was also invited by Stephen Perloff to participate in the 2008 auction of The Photo Review. Preview exhibitions were at Phillips de Pury and Company Gallery in New York City in Oct., and at the Dorrance-Hamilton Building in Philadelphia in Nov. Her work also was in the online exhibition during the month of Oct.

Paul Deputy, dean of CEHSP, conducted a panel discussion at the ASHA convention with several of his administrative colleagues on the topic of “Speech-Language-Hearing Programs in Our Universities: A View From the Top.”

Dalibor Froncek, professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, delivered an invited lecture “Labelings and decompositions”, at the Krakow Workshop on Graph Theory “3 in 1” in Nov. in Krynica, Poland.

Joe Gallian, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, gave an invited address on “Using Mathematics to Create Symmetry Patterns” at the annual meeting of American Mathematical Association of Two Year College Teachers at Washington D.C. in Nov.

Shannon Godsey, faculty, Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders, presented “Service-Learning in Mexico: Expanding Cultural Competence” with graduate student Natalie Wark, and alumni Tristan Kerfeld and Corinn Severson at the ASHA convention in Chicago. Godsey also presented “Paperless Supervision: Using Online Technology for Clinical Supervision.”

John Goodge, professor, Department of Geological Sciences, is being recognized as an Exceptional Reviewer for 2008 by the Geological Society of America, awarded by editors of the Geological Society of America Bulletin. The announcement will be made in the December issue of GSA Today.

Karen Gran, assistant professor, Department of Geological Sciences, received a grant-in-aid from the University of Minnesota for a project entitled “Riparian vegetation controls of channel planform evolution.”

Alec Habig, associate professor, and Rik Gran, assistant professor, both of the Department of Physics, and recent UMD Physics MS graduate Nate Mayer are co-authors of a trio of results from the MINOS neutrino experiment, including significantly updated results for the muon neutrino disappearance measurement as well as null-results for searches for CPT violation and so-called “sterile” non-interacting neutrinos:
“Measurement of Neutrino Oscillations with the MINOS Detectors in the NuMI Beam” P. Adamson, et al. (MINOS Collaboration) Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 131802 (September 2008).

“Testing Lorentz Invariance and CPT Conservation with NuMI Neutrinos in the MINOS Near Detector” P. Adamson, et al. (MINOS Collaboration) Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 151601 (October 2008).

“Search for active neutrino disappearance using neutral-current interactions in the MINOS long-baseline experiment”, P. Adamson, et al. (MINOS Collaboration), Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 221804 (November 2008).

Alec Habig and Physics MS student Brian Bock are co-authors of: “The magnetized steel and scintillator calorimeters of the MINOS experiment”, D.G. Michael et al (The MINOS Collaboration), Nucl. Instr. & Meth. A596, 190-228. (2008)

For more than a year, Janice Kmetz, professor, Department of Art and Design, has been consulting, and providing design services with the assistance of graphic design major Ivana Savic, to develop a campaign funded by a multi-year Minnesota Department of Human Services Grant to encourage youth in Chisholm Schools to be alcohol free. The Chisholm program is connected to a national, and international program known as Most of Us. The youth of the community are directly involved in the development of the campaign through workshops and group events. The first billboard design that includes an design/illustration by Savic is now in place on Highway 169 between Chisholm and Hibbing. Several collateral print pieces have been produced. The campaign has been presented at workshops in St Cloud, Duluth, and Missoula, Montana.

Carmen Latterell, associate professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, had the article “What is good college mathematics teaching?” published in the International Journal for Mathematics Teaching and Learning on 25 Nov 2008.

Faith Loven, associate professor, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders has recently published a textbook entitled Introduction to Normal Auditory Perception. The text is published by Delmar Cengage Learning. It is designed for undergraduate students in either communication sciences and disorders or psychology as their first course in hearing science. The text takes a classical approach to psychoacoustics, presenting a basic understanding of auditory perceptions and theory by exploring the germinal research published by early researchers in hearing science. These classic investigations are explored to lay the foundations of modern auditory theory.

David McCarthy, professor, Department of Education has been selected to speak at the regional TIES technology conference in Minneapolis in Dec. His presentation is entitled Describe the Technology Skills Needed by the 21st Century Educator. The presentation focuses on many of the Web 2.0 technologies such as Google Docs, Wikis, Blogs, etc.

Mark Mizuko and Jolene Hyppa-Martin, faculty, Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders, along with students Amanda Asperheim, Lysa Hambley, Megan Kasper, Susan Metcalf, and Chelsea Olson, graduate students, presented “The Effects of Real-Life Scene Familiarity on Accuracy When Using Visual Scene Displays” at the ASHA convention in Chicago.
Mizuko and Hyppa-Martin along with Abby Linder, graduate student, presented “Treatment Program to Increase Attention & Communication Output in a Nonverbal Child With Autism” at the convention. Hyppa-Martin and Mizuko also presented “Autism: Effective Therapy Tasks to Visually Support Use of Generative Core Language in Common Routines” with students, Abby Linder and Megan Mizuko.
Mizuko was one of international recipients to receive the Superior Paper Certificate of Honor for his presentation entitled, “Communication Therapy Versus Speech Therapy” at the Third Beijing International Rehabilitation Forum in Oct.

Alexis Pogorelskin, professor, Department of History, has just been named a Finalist for a teaching/research Fulbright to Russia. She recently presented a paper to the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies entitled “Kamenv Before October: the Roots of Defeat.” The second issue of the journal that she edits, The NEP Era, Soviet Russia, 1921-1928, has just been published. She has two contributions: “Remembering Bob Crummey at Yale” and “Kamenev in Early NEP: The Twelfth Party Congress” in the Festshcrift, Rude and Barbarous Kingdom Revisited, Essays in Honor of Robert O. Crummey, just published by Slavica Publishers.

Cindy Spillers, faculty, Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders, along with Sara Neff, graduate student, presented “Increasing Awareness of Native American Cultural Variables With SLP Students” at the ASHA convention in Chicago.

Steve Sternberg, associate professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, has had published the paper ‘Bioremoval of Aqueous Lead Using Lemna minor’ by Nicholas Hurd and S.P.K. Sternberg, in the International Journal of Phytoremediation, 10: 1-11, 2008. Nick Herd was an undergraduate student and the project was based on a UROP research grant.

Eun-Kyung Suh, associate professor, Department of Art and Design will have a solo show, “Encased Memories: Textile Sculpture” from Dec. 11 2008 to March 1, 2009 at the Duluth Art Institute. The opening reception will be held on Dec 11 from 5~7pm and Artist Dialogue will be on Dec 18 from 6~7pm. Suh will present a new body of work that uses the idea of bojagi, Korean traditional wrapping cloth, to make us take a look at how we store our feelings and memories.

Janelle Wilson, from the Department of Sociology/Anthropology, wrote “The Millennials: Getting to Know Our Current Generations of Students,” which was published in MountainRise, a peer-reviewed, international journal published twice a year by the Coulter Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning at Western Carolina University. The article appears in the Fall 2008 Issue (Volume 5, number 1).


Cindy Hale participated in a media event and gave a presentation entitled “Management Recommendations to Limit the Continued Spread of Exotic Earthworms in Working Forests” at the 2008 Minnesota Invasive Species Conference, held in Duluth in Oct.
Hale participated in the Natural Resources “Ask a Specialist” session at the Wisconsin Citizen-Based Monitoring Conference, held in Oct. in Onalaska, Wisc. The session was followed by a hands-on earthworm sampling session.
Hale also gave a presentation entitled “Ecological consequences of exotic earthworm invasions: Forest decline syndrome” at the Natural Areas Conference, in Nashville, Tenn., in Oct.

George Host and co-authors Harlan Stech, Kathryn Lenz, Kyle Roskoski, and Richard Mather, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, recently published “Forest patch modeling: using high performance computing to simulate above ground interactions among individual trees” in Functional Plant Biology, 2008, 35, pp. 976-987.

Amphibian research of Lucinda Johnson and Patrick Schoff was published in Nature, 455 (7217), pp. 1235 - 1239, in the article “Agrochemicals increase trematode infections in a declining amphibian species.” The authors are: Jason Rohr (University of South Florida), Anna Schotthoefer (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Thomas Raffel (University of South Florida and Penn State), Hunter Carrick (Penn State), Neal Halstead (University of South Florida), Jason Hoverman (University of Tennessee), Catherine Johnson (formerly at NRRI), Lucinda Johnson, Camilla Lieske (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Marvin Piwoni (Illinois Waste Management and Research Center), Patrick Schoff, and Val Beasley (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign).

Steve Kossett, program director of NRRI's rapid prototyping Northern Lights Technology Center was elected president of the Z Corp User’s Group. This group was established for users of Z Corporation’s state-of-the-art technology.
The Northern Lights Technology Center at NRRI-UMD provides CAD design and modeling services, stereolithography, selective laser sintering, fused deposition modeling, three-dimensional printing, and metal casting for private sector product development and prototyping.

Gerald Niemi and Michael McDonald (U.S. EPA) were featured in ScienceWatch.com, Fast Moving Fronts, for their highly cited article “Application of ecological indicators” in the Annual Review of Ecological Evolution and Systematics, 2004 (35:89-111). The interview can be read at http://sciencewatch.com/sciencewatch/dr/fmf/2008/08novfmf/08novfmfNiemET/
Niemi also presented a second paper entitled “The Power of Speech Generating Devices.”

See the next issue of Currents.


After three-years of planning, the HOPE (Health of People Everywhere) Clinic, organized and operated by medical and pharmacy students and faculty from the Duluth Campus, opened its doors in downtown Duluth. On Tuesdays from 3 – 5 pm, the students see uninsured patients from the CHUM shelter for homeless and low-income people. Second-year medical students, Nicholas Vidor and Marie Lange led the initiative to open the clinic. Ruth Westra, D.O., chair, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health provides faculty oversight for the HOPE Clinic.

Arthur Aufderheide, M.D., was congratulated on Nov. 19 for 36 years of dedication to the U of M Medical School in Duluth and career as a professor of pathology, interim dean, and world-renowned paleopathologist – (the study of disease states in mummies.)

Gary Davis, senior associate dean, and other faculty, staff and alumni joined Duluth citizens in the first annual Nancy English 5k walk/run on Sat., Nov. 15. The event commemorated the life of Nancy English, M.D., Class of ’97, who died suddenly last August. English had been a family practice physician at P.S. Rudie Medical Association in Duluth since 1995.

Joseph Prohaska, professor and interim department head, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, was an invited presenter at the International Copper Meeting in Alghero Sardinia, Italy, and an invited speaker at the 13th International Meeting on “Trace Elements in Man and Animals,” in Nov. in Pucon, Chile. The meeting provided state-of-the-art information on trace elements in humans and animals as well as emerging issues from genomics, proteomics and metabolomics and on the applications to biology, environment, and medical sciences.


Timothy Stratton, professor, was awarded a $15,234 grant from the Arrowhead Area Agency on Aging for the “UMD TeleMTM Project.” The funds will enable Stratton and other faculty to conduct Medication Therapy Management (MTM) consultations for homebound, frail, elderly patients living in Carlton County through the use of webcam technology.

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