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Dalibor Froncek, professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, was appointed a member of the program committee of MISTA (The fourth Multidisciplinary International Conference on Scheduling: Theory and Applications), which will be held in Dublin, Ireland, in August 2009.

Joe Gallian, professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, was the keynote speaker at the Associated Colleges of the Chicago Area annual mathematics meeting on Feb. 10. He was an invited speaker at the Florida Section of the Mathematical Association of America in Feb.

Thomas Hedin, professor emeritus, Department of Art History, has been invited to contribute an essay to Louis XIV: l'homme et le roi, an exhibition catalogue to be published by Editions Skira Flammarion, Paris. His essay is titled "Louis XIV et les jardins de Versailles." The exhibition will be held at the palace of Versailles at the end of 2009. Diplomatic Tours in the Gardens of Versailles under Louis XIV, a book that Hedin wrote in collaboration with Robert Berger, was published in August 2008 by the University of Pennsylvania Press (Penn Studies in Landscape Architecture).

Ron Marchese, professor of Humanities and Classics, gave a series of invited lectures on his research in Greece and the Middle East at California State University. He lectured for the Armenian Studies Program on the “Constantinople Style” in religious art and later on the “Geo-Physical Survey” at Plataiai, Greece sponsored by the Department of Anthropology. Marchese has been invited to lecture on the Armenian community of Istanbul in May and will contribute a chapter to the forthcoming book on the Armenians of Constantinople. During May term, Marchese will lead his seventh consecutive trip the interim the Classical Study Tour of Greece this year with Alexis Pogorelskin. Approximately 24 students will participate in the program in 2009.

Bruce Peckham, associate professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, was involved in two math competitions in Feb. 2009:
MathCounts Competition. UMD hosted the Arrowhead Chapter’s MATHCOUNTS competition, a national middle school mathematics competition. 70 students from 12 schools competed. Volunteers included, 2001 UMD IE graduate Paul Eberth, and the UMD Math Club.
Mathmatical Contest in Modeling (MCM). Six Math/Stat students on two teams competed. Students had a choice of two problems to try to solve. Jeff Anderson, Carl Green, and Jerod Lass worked on the design of a traffic circle. Brian Christner, Matt Holst, and Aaron Potvien tried to determine the energy requirements necessary to support cell phone use for everyone in the United States. See www.comap.com/undergraduate/contests/mcm for more info. on the contest.

Mariana Waisman, assistant professor, Department of Art and Design, received a Gold Addy award from American Advertising Federation Duluth/Superior in Feb. for the design and production of the new promotional brochure for UMD's Department of Art and Design. Others from the Department of Art and Design assisted, including Steve Bardolph, assistant professor, who took the photographs. Jane Ebersviller, principal office and admin. specialist, Gloria Brush, professor, and Brush's students, assisted with the development of some portions of the brochure's text.


Gerald Niemi
(NRRI, Biology, UMD), Lucinda Johnson (NRRI, UMD), and Valerie Brady (NRRI, MN Sea Grant, UMD) are three of eight co-authors of the International Joint Commission’s white paper entitled “Ecosystem responses to regulation-based water level changes in the Upper Great Lakes.” This paper forms the basis for evaluation of ecosystem effects of the potential water level regulation plans in the Upper Great Lakes of Huron, Michigan, and Superior and their connecting channels. A digital copy of the paper may be obtained from mbell@d.umn.edu


Douglas Jensen, aquatic invasive species program coordinator, hosted a “Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers!” booth at the 17th Annual Living Green Conference at Lake Superior College, Duluth, in Feb.

Barb Liukkonen, water resources education coordinator, presented, “Impacts of a Conservation Day for Youth” at the CSREES National Water Quality Conference in St. Louis, Missouri, in Feb.

Jesse Schomberg, coastal communities and land use planning extension educator, gave an invited presentation, “Re-establishing Connections to our Waterways,” at the American Institute of Architects (AIS) Grassroots Leadership conference in Washington, D.C. in Feb. with Northern Minnesota AIA members Tari Rayala and Greg Cooper.

Judy Zomerfelt, executive secretary, celebrated her 34th year with the Minnesota Sea Grant program, which is also 34 years old.

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See the next issue of Currents.

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