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Sunshine Carter, assistant librarian, UMD Library, presented “The Biggest Bang for Your Buck: Using SFX’s Advanced Collection Tool (ACT) to Help with Collection Development” in May at the Ex Libris Users of North America 2009 meeting in Richmond, Virginia.

John Hiller, professor, Department of Physics, and Research Fellow Sofia Chabysheva have published “Zero momentum modes in discrete light-cone quantization” in Physical Review D, vol. 79, 096012 (2009).

Alexis Pogorelskin, associate professor and head of the Deapartment of History, recently presented a paper at the conference, Sound and Silent in the Space Between (1914-1945) at Notre Dame University. The paper, entitled “The Sounds of Silence: The Mortal Storm in Film,” won the the prize for best paper at the conference.

Robert Repinski, associate professor of art, has two etchings included in “Fresh Air”, an exhibition featuring the work of Northern Printmakers Alliance members at the Bloomington Art Center through mid-August. The Duluth-based NPA celebrates it’s 10th anniversary this summer.

Associate Professor Eun-Kyung Suh’s paper sculpture will be exhibited at the “High Fiber” national exhibition at the Conrad Wilde Gallery, Tucson AZ from June 6 through July 25.


Bill Berguson, director of NRRI’s Forestry Program, was a co-author of “Driving on Biomass” in the May 22 issue of Science. The article can be read online at www.sciencemag.org/cgi/content/short/324/5930/1019. Authors are Berguson, John Ohlrogge, Doug Allen, Dean DellaPenna, and Yair Shachar-Hill, all from Michigan State University, and Sten Stymne from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Berguson also received funding of $150,000 to coordinate the national effort on hybrid poplars as an energy crop under the Sun Grant Initiative’s Regional Biomass Feedstock Partnership program. The Sun Grant Initiative is a network of land-grant universities and federally funded laboratories working together to further establish a bio-based economy. For information about the initiative go to www.sungrant.org.

Subhash Basak joined the Jagadis Bose National Science Talent Search of Kolkata, India, as an invited member of the Academic Advisory Board. This institution, founded in 1958, motivates, identifies and nurtures young, talented students of science in 14 selected states of India.

Lucinda Johnson, Valerie Brady, Dan Breneman, Bob Hell, Noah Kroenig, Josh Dumke, Jeremy Erickson, and Brian Black attended the 57th Annual Meeting of the North American Benthological Society in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in May and gave the following presentations:

Lucinda Johnson presented a talk on “Multi-scale approaches for quantifying effects of multiple stressors in aquatic ecosystems” co-authored by Jennifer Olker, Pat Schoff, Glen Guntenspergen (U.S. Geological Survey), Cathy Johnson (USDA Forest Service), J. Rohr (University of South Florida), and V. Beasley (University of Illinois School of Veterinary Medicine).

Josh Dumke presented a talk on “A selective wood removal technique to expose coarse substrate in small sand-embedded streams” co-authored by Valerie Brady and Tom Hrabik (UMD).

Jeremy Erickson presented a poster on “Determining the effects of urbanization on stream metabolism in Duluth streams” with co-authors L. Lehto (U.S. EPA-MED), Lucinda Johnson, Rich Axler, and B. Hill (U.S. EPA-MED).

Brian Black presented a poster on “Landscape effects on stream temperature in Minnesota streams of the Lake Superior Basin” with co-authors Lucinda Johnson, Rich Axler, Valerie Brady, and H. Mooers (UMD).

Valerie Brady presented a poster on “Efficient and effective aquatic macroinvertebrate monitoring for rocky coasts” with co-authors Lucinda Johnson, Dan Breneman, and Matt Gearhiser.

Mark Severson was co-leader for two field trips at the 55th Annual Meeting of the Institute of Lake Superior Geology (ILSG), held in Ely on May 5-10. The trips were titled: 1) Cu-Ni Deposits of the Duluth Complex, and 2) Geology and Metamorphism of the Eastern Mesabi Range.

Euan Reavie gave a seminar presentation titled “Algae as indicators of stress in great rivers: phytoplankton versus periphyton” at the North American Benthological Society 57th Annual Meeting in Grand Rapids, Mich., May 2009. Reavie, along with, M.D. Balcer (Lake Superior Research Institute, UWS), A.A. Cangelosi (Northeast-Midwest Institute, Washington, DC), gave a presentation titled “Testing ballast water treatments on microorganisms at the Great Ships Initiative land-based facility,” at the 16th International Conference on Aquatic Invasive Species in Montreal, Quebec, April 2009.

Euan Reavie also gave the following invited presentations: “Tracking changes in the Great Lakes -- using phytoplankton for retrospective analyses and remedial solutions,” at the EPA Region 5, Great Lakes National Program Office in Chicago, Illinois, May 2009 and “Tracking changes in the Great Lakes - quality phytoplankton data are needed for retrospective analyses and remedial solutions,” at the EPA National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory in Duluth, Minnesota, May 2009.

NRRI staff gave presentations at the 82nd Annual Meeting of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration Mining Symposium held April 14 - 15 in Duluth. Dave Hendrickson chaired the Environmental Session and Steve Hauck chaired the Non-Ferrous Mining Session. At the event, the following people made presentations: Tamara Diedrich, “Environmental Study of Airborne Particulates in Population Centers on Mesabi Iron Range,” Mark Severson, “Mesaba Deposit and Other Deposits,” and Jim Miller, “New Educational Initiatives at the University of Minnesota Duluth: Preparing Students for Future Jobs in Mining and Minerals Exploration.”


Dee Angradi, publications coordinator, presented Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers and Habitatittude campaigns to 300 Lester Park Elementary students, April 29, Duluth, MN

Dale Bergeron, Maritime Extension Educator, participated in the Great Lakes Water Levels Public Meeting held by the International Joint Commission in Thunder Bay, Ontario on May 20.

Douglas Jensen, aquatic invasive species program coordinator, gave a guest lecture, "Moving Between Watersheds...It’s About Stopping Aquatic Hitchhikers!," at a class at Woodland Hills Academy in Duluth, June 3. He also gave an invited paper “Effective Boater and Angler Education” at the Minnesota 2009 Lakes and Rivers Conference, May 7-8, 2009, Rochester, Minn.

Jensen gave a presentation, “Boat Wash Stations: Palliative or Cure?” and another “Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers! A Successful Campaign Preventing the Spread of Aquatic Invasive Species” co-authored by D. Hinckel-Johnson, L. Stewart, M. Zhuikov, J. Rendall, S. Balgie, R. Martin, K. Bogenshutz, and P. Moy, at the 16th International Conference on Aquatic Invasive Species, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, April 20-23. Jensen also facilitated a break out session, “Earth Day Every Day, Spread the News About Invasive Species” workshop for educators, managers, and research and policy makers at the Montreal Biodome.


"Shorelines Go Au Naturel!," an article by Sharon Moen, science writer, was featured in the May issue of Cabin Life Magazine. www.cabinlife.com/cgi-bin/articles/csvread.pl?ID=MAY09-06

"Voracious Vegetation: Protecting your waters from invasive plants," an article by Doug Jensen, aquatic invasive species program coordinator, is featured in the May issue of Cabin Life Magazine. www.cabinlife.com/cgi-bin/articles/csvread.pl?ID=June09-08

"VHS-Free, So Far," an article by Jeff Gunderson, interim director, is featured in the 2009 Lake Superior Angler Magazine. www.steelheaders.org/news.htm

Program News

The UM Sea Grant Program is sending out regular “tweets” through the social networking services of Twitter. The messages contain facts about Lake Superior, Minnesota’s inland waters, and news and information about upcoming events and opportunities. Access Minnesota Sea Grant’s Twitter messages online at www.twitter.com/mnseagrant.

Planting and landscaping has begun in Duluth's Lakeside neighborhood as part of the Stormwater Runoff Reduction Project. Researchers and Sea Grant staff are working with neighborhoods as well as civil engineers in road construction to find ways to reduce stormwater runoff to streams in Duluth’s cold climate and heavy clay soils. See: www.lakesuperiorstreams.org/weber/LNSRP/index.html

Minnesota Sea Grant has just received confirmation from Mills Fleet Farm that the Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers! (SAH!) campaign will be featured at their 11 stores in Minnesota on July 11 during “Kid’s Fishing Day” events. The effort will not only educate youths and adults about aquatic invasive species, but also Mills Fleet Farm staff. Mills Fleet Farm included the SAH! tattoo image on their promotional flyers.

On June 4 about 30 people attended the 2009 Great Lakes Rip Current Conference sponsored by Minnesota Sea Grant and the National Weather Service office in Duluth,. Highlights included insights into the lake physics influencing rip currents and hypothermia. Participants also discussed forecasting rip current conditions, how cold water can affect rescues, and educating beach users to recognize and escape from rip currents.

Minnesota Sea Grant staff presented aquatic invasive species information to about 750 students during the St. Louis River Quest, a not-for-profit organization operating under the auspices of the Duluth Seaway Port Authority. The program is designed to instill environmental stewardship in area sixth graders while helping them understand industrial, commercial and recreational activities in the Duluth Superior Harbor. (www.duluthport.com/rqhistory.html)

Staff also presented Sea Grant messages to 800 northern Minnesota and Wisconsin elementary students on May 15 at the Lake Superior Zoo’s Earth Tracks event in Duluth. Also in the middle of May, staff worked with hundreds of middle and high school students and teachers, and university researchers to make the Lake Superior Youth Symposium, held at the College of St. Scholastica, a success. The Lake Guardian will be taking teachers and Great Lakes Sea Grant staff out onto Lake Superior on July 7-13. The excursion is part of the Shipboard and Shoreline Science Workshops being offered through The Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE) Great Lakes.

On June 6, Sea Grant staff participated in the Regional Stormwater Protection Team’s Third Lake Superior Watershed Festival in Duluth. Approximately 500 people came by the booth where staff were talking about managing rainwater and snowmelt.


On June 5 over 150 people packed the University of Minnesota Medical School-Duluth’s atrium for the dedication of the new Duluth Medical School Legends and Leaders Wall of Honor and sculpture. The 40-year milestone memorialized the 1969 legislation that started the School. The Wall of Honor recognizes donors who supported programs, buildings, research and scholarships with gifts of $10,000 or more or who specified a gift to the school in their wills; founding and charter faculty; founding physicians – a group of local physicians who became the first teachers and administrators; Duluth legislators who passed key bills in 1969 and 1974 to develop the curriculum, hire founding faculty and fund the building; community leaders who advocated for the school; and UMD administrators in the early 70s. Their names are on 182 nameplates on the Wall which also has open space to recognize those who will be honored in the future.


Bjoern Bauer has been invited to speak at the 8th Cerebral Vascular Biology Biennial Meeting of the International Brain Barrier Society (IBBS) to be held June 28-July 2, 2009, in Sendai, Japan. He will present “P-glycoprotein and the Sacred Disease - New Targets to Treat Drug-Resistant Epilepsy.”

Grant Anderson gave an invited oral presentation entitled “Thyroid Hormone Transporters and the Blood-Brain Barrier” at the Canadian Society of Pharmacology and Therapeutics Annual Conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, on June 1, 2009.



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