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Ron Marchese, professor of Classics and Humanities, along with Alexis Pogorelskin, professor and chair, Department of History, directed the Classical Study Tour of Greece in which 24 UMD students traveled in the Greek islands and mainland visiting a number of archaeological and historical sites, including Plataiai where Marchese is conducting geo-physical survey.

Marchese also spent time in Istanbul, Turkey under the Imagine Grant Program completing work on Armenian religious artifacts. He received a grant from the Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Foundation to continue his work on the Armenian community of Istanbul.

Marchese has contributed “Previous research at Plataiai” with A. Konecny, and “The History of Plataiai” A Short Survey” to the forthcoming publication Plataiai: Survey und Ausgrabungen with A. Konecny and V. Arvanatinos.

Marchese also has a chapter, “Intersection of Society, Culture, and Religion: The Constantinople Style and Armenian Identity,” with M. Breu in Richard Hovannisian’s (UCLA) tome on the Armenians of Constantinople. Marchese and M. Breu also presented an invited paper in New York on “Expressions of Faith and Identity” at an international conference in Armenian Studies in May.

Currently, Marchese is lecturing on behalf of the Archaeological Institute of America’s lecture series on Plataiai at Hollins University, Randolph College, and the University of Richmond in Virginia. Marchese and Andrew Srignoli, student in the Department of Anthropology will be conducting a survey at Plataiai in October.


Larry Zanko was one of five authors of a chapter in Electrochemical Remediation Technologies for Polluted Soils, Sediments and Groundwater, published by Wiley. The chapter is titled, “Field Studies on Sediment Remediation,” authored by J. Kenneth Wittle (Electro-Petroleum, Inc.); Sibel Pamukcu (Lehigh University); Zanko; Dave Bowman (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers); and Falk Doering (Electrochemical Processes, Stuttgart, Germany).


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The College of Pharmacy is making appointments for their Pharmaceutical Care Clinic. The clinic is free and gives students a chance to help people make the best use of their medications. All activities are overseen by a pharmacist. At the appointment, you will be asked about your health and medications. The students will make a plan and, three weeks later, you will receive the plan in the mail to share with your physician. To get information or make an appointment, call 726-6800.

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