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Habitat for Humanity Trip - Wednesday, January 10

New Orleans Trip - Jan 14-Thank You - Jan 13 - Jan 12 - Jan 11
Jan 10 - Jan 9 - Jan 8 - Jan 7 - Before the Trip - Photo Slide Show


UMD's Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority was the group that organized the trip. Many members who worked on the fundraising and planning, especially Rachel King, were unable to come along. The fraternity Alpha Nu Omega also did some fundraising for the trip. Below they are shown on the job sites in New Orleans.

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Phi Sigma Sigma: Bottom row: Shannon Martin, Alyssa Dehate, Leah Mirzamohammadi, Jessi Lewis, Niki Thomalla, Heather Ronning, and Lindsay Siolka. Top: Niki Granger, Katie Elton, Courtney Wright, Shana Secory, Vanessa Hurst, Jaci Bernard and Stephanie Schliesman Alpha Nu Omega members: Bruce Regan, Charles Zuluaga, Chris Perner, Paul McGie, and Tom Kreuser

What Should People Do?

After three days in New Orleans, the group talked about what people should do back in Minnesota and across the country. Here are some of the comments.

This event in New Orleans didn't just effect people from New Orleans. It effects us all. So chip in all that you can, time, money, any effort at all. Jon Meiers

Donations, whether monetary or of labor/goods will make a difference and will be used for a good cause. People really are thankful that other people donate, no matter how much an individual or group gives. The thought matters. And donate to a cause that really matters to you. Gilbert Engelbert

Come down to New Orleans to listen. Listen to the stories. Everyone has a story to tell. Nikki Thomalla

This is hard labor at its best. It is a worthy cause and to do physical labor such as building houses not only helps New Orleans, but will help build you as an individual. It will help build the world as a whole. Every one should experience this. Paul McGie

Share the facts. The mass amount of destruction, it's not just flood damage, and it's not just a hurricane. It is the whole community of New Orleans. There is so much to be done, it is hard to choose where to begin; but with Habitat for Humanity there is a beginning and a place to be able to reach out. Heather Ronning

People wonder why rebuild under sea level? Come down here, you'll fall in love with it and understand why not to leave this city. Matt Slinger

I would like to see each person in the world come to New Orleans and see what the people of New Orleans have suffered. I don't think anyone could ignore the situation, and their compelling desire to stay to help. Karen Davidshafer

To get people to understand what it is like down here, we need to share our experience. Show pictures, video clips, show other show much still needs to be done. Jessica Rossing

I would like to encourage people to do their own research and discover what is REALLY going on to help people recover down here. The story the media tells is skewed so most of the U.S. doesn't know half of what has happened, and what is happening now. Sarah Diener

Please come down and help build the city so residents can come back, get employment and be home. David Wermerskirehen

New Orleans is no where near back to normal. The people here need all the help they can get. Every little bit helps. The whole city needs our help desperately. Leah Mirzamohammodi

If you can help in any way, whether it be giving money, time or even writing a letter to your congressman to encourage more government involvement; Do IT!! New Orleans needs your help! Alyssa DeHate

When you meet the people living here it gives you such a great feeling that you're helping. The hands-on feeling of building is amazing. Jessi Lewis

People of fortunate settings should value what they have and share the blessings that have been bestowed upon them. It is imperative that we as a society find ways to help our country. We are in this together. Athena Westin

If you can help in any way, do it. And if you cannot, then pray. Jaci Bernard


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