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 New Orleans Journal

Habitat for Humanity Trip - Saturday, January 13

New Orleans Trip - Jan 14-Thank You - Jan 13 - Jan 12 - Jan 11
Jan 10 - Jan 9 - Jan 8 - Jan 7 - Before the Trip - Photo Slide Show




The group experienced the uniqueness of the city as a way to further understand the impact of our efforts. Because New Orleans has such a vibrant and historic heritage, it is especially vital that we work to preserve what is left.

We learned that from its beginnings as the major slave trade port of the United States and throughout its history of bringing together African, Caribbean, European, and Native American people, the traditions of New Orleans's neighborhoods grew. The city established its own style of food, storytelling, and religious ceremonies because its population was so diverse and unique, unmatched by that of any other American city. New Orleans is the only metropolis in the world that can claim to have conceived its own style of food. Both the separate cuisines of Creole and Cajun originated in the city. Jazz music originated from many different traditions that the Germans, Irish, and Italians blended with Creole style music and African drumming and dancing. New Orleans is known domestically and internationally as the "city of festivals," with the most famous parade of all being Mardi Gras, or "Fat Tuesday." Photo above right: Aaron Lassila, Vanessa Hurst, Heather Ronning and Leah Mirzamohammadi

Farewell Lunch

We had a great meal together at the Crescent City Brewhouse before boarding the bus for Minnesota. Red Snapper and traditional New Orleans Pecan Bread Pudding were on the menu and a live jazz band played for us. Outside the restaurant, the city was filled with more visitors than we had seen before because of the Saints play-off game later that day. (Saints won 10-6). Special thanks to Duluthian Francis Heid for donating the farewell meal. It was very much appreciated for a couple of reasons: it wasn't camp food and many of us were running out of funds.




Jan13 Jan13 Jan13 Jan14
Courtney Wright finds a friend Courtney Wright, Vanessa Hurst, Lindsay Siolka, and Shana Secory Alyssa DeHate, Leah Mirzamohammadi, Heather Ronning A street performer and fan

Here's a list of things that are in New Orleans and not in Minnesota. It's from a game we played about who could think of the most unique items. Jaci Bernard won.

Mardi Gras
Lundi Gras
Mardi Gras Beads
Mardi Gras Masks
Mardi Gras Krewes
Rex Krewe and others
King Cake
Second Lines
Gulf of Mexico
Preservation Hall Blues Band
Saints Song (Marching In)
Saints play-off game
Musicians' Village
UMD Workers on 1-12-07
Camp Hope
Lower 9th Ward
Upper 9th Ward
Industrial Canal
Water Lines on Houses
Spray-painted markings on houses
TFW written on houses
Dikes Surrounding the cities
Flood Gates
FEMA Trailers
FEMA Food and Water
Below Sea Level
Houses with trailers in front yard
"We gut houses" signs
65 percent Black Community

Delta Burke
Ann Rice
Wynton Marsalis
Manning Family

Shrimp Boats
Palm Trees
Beignets at Cafe du Monde
Po Boy sandwiches
Cajun Food
Alligator Kabobs

French Quarter
MTV Real World House
Gone With The Wind Replica House
Tchoupitoulas Street (Chop a two' les)
Bourbon Street
Dekater Street
Vieux Carre
Harrah's Casino
Cafe du Monde
Sugar Bowl
Corn Stalk Fence Hotel
Oldest Catholic Church in US
Jackson Square
Garden District
Armstong Park
St. Bernards Parish
French Market
Winn Dixie Grocery Stores
Congo Square
Voilet, Louisiana
Baton Rouge
Lake Pontchartrain
Naval Ships
Saints Training Camp

Southern Accents
Southern Decadence
Oldest Bar in US
Oldest Running Street Car
Living Street Corner Statues
Birthplace of Jazz
Home of Louis Armstrong
Palm Trees
Street Performers
House of Blues (HOB NO)
McDonalds built like a church
Above-ground graves and cemeteries
Rabbit Sized Rats
Parishes Instead of County's
Sea Shells on the Ground
Vampire tours
Fleur-de-lis symbol
Cypress Trees
Shot Gun Houses
Brown Recluse Spiders
Nutria Rats

Tulane Univ.
Loyola Univ.
Xavier Univ.
Univ of New Orleans
University of Louisiana
Mount Carmel Academy

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