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CLA List of Funds



Jennifer Berges

CLA Development Director

306 KPlz
1208 Kirby Dr
Duluth, MN 55812
(218) 726-6708

E-mail // Website

Program Funds:
American Indian Studies Dept. (Fund 5612)
Baeumler Kaplan Holocaust Memorial Lecture Series (Fund 4021)
Michael & Carl Berman Mock Trial Fund (Fund 6315)
Center for Genocide, Holocaust, & Human Rights Studies (Fund 7836)
Communication Dept. (Fund 4484)
Dean's Excellence Fund (Fund 4789)
Dept. of Foreign Languages and Literature (Fund 5678)
Duluth Writers' Workshop (Fund 6620)
Joe Duncan Amnesty International Fund (Fund 3863)
English Development Fund (Fund 4493)
The Evans Mayo Fund in Philosophy (Fund 8328)
Environmental Studies Support (Fund 8155)
Friends of Jackson Huntley Fund (Fund 5331)
GIS Student Support (Fund 8848)
Humanities & Classics Program (Fund 3307)
Klaus Jankofsky Fund (Fund 5128)
Beth A. Kwapick Memorial Fund (Fund 7356)
MAPL Alumni Association (Fund 8528)
MAPL Fund (Fund 7590)
MAPL Library Spano Legacy Fund (Fund 1899)
James F. Maclear Memorial Lecture Series (Fund 5083)
NE Minnesota Historical Center Fund (Fund 7209)
Political Science Dept. (Fund 3793)
Art Pulford Memorial Fund (Fund 7349)
Diana Risdon Computers in Writing Fund (Fund 6673)
Sociology & Anthropology (Fund 2857)
Sustainable Agriculture Project Development (Fund 8881)
Women's Studies Gift Fund (Fund 5783)

Bathory/Lane Reaching Higher Scholarship (Fund 1413)
UMD Alayne and Charles Berkins Scholarship (Fund 1862)
Ann Carlson Anderson Scholarship (Fund 3718)
CLA Freshmen/Sophomore Scholarship (Fund 6619)
CLA Scholarship (Fund 3658)
Jonathan Conant Scholarship (Fund 1296)
Joseph E. Duncan Scholarship (Fund 3224)
Ebert Stembler Scholarship (Fund 8037)
Beverly Ecklund Law Enforcement Scholarship (Fund 4822)
Henry Ehlers Prize in Philosophy (Fund 2995)
Steven R. Fox Journalism Scholarship (Fund 1151)
Robert E. Franz Scholarship (Fund 5595)
Friends of Milan Kovacovic Scholarship in French Studies (Fund 8347)
Emma Goldman Scholarship in Geography (Fund 1122)
The Craig Grau John Kress Student Support Fund in Political Science (Fund 8551)
Ann H. & Alfred Hartley Scholarship in English (Fund 5145)
Gerald W. Heaney Scholarship (Fund 1281)
Sally B. & James E. Jernberg Reaching Higher Scholarship (Fund 2488)
Matti E. Kaups Geography Scholarship (Fund 4652)
Virginia & Matt Klemmack Scholarship (Fund 5781)
M. Harry Lease, Jr. Award Fund (Fund 6010)
M. Harry Lease Jr. Scholarship in Political Science (Fund 8515)
Michael Robert Lenz Creative Writing Scholarship (Fund 5740)
Anna Lee (Stensland) Lidberg Scholarship (Fund 4358)
Maude Lindquist Scholarship (Fund 3207)
MAPL Ciresi Scholarship (Fund 7701)
MAPL Labor Scholarship (Fund 7599)
MAPL Scholarships (Fund 7443)
John Ness Memorial Scholarship (Fund 2418)
Gustaf Nordin Memorial Scholarship (Fund 2701)
James L. Otto Memorial Scholarship (Fund 6613)
John & Ruth Reed Scholarship (Fund 5239)
Richter Family Scholarship (Fund 7221)
Rudolph Family Scholarship (Fund 5107)
Robert Sand Fund (Fund 1764)
Sigmond & Lena Slonim Scholarship (Fund 1907)
Edward J. Smith Fellowship (Fund 4678)
Richard Teske Good Goverment Scholarship (Fund 8553)
Gerhard E. Von Glahn Scholarship (Fund 3973)
Westmoreland & Flint College of Liberal Arts Excellence Scholarship (Fund 8114)
Julius F. Wolff Scholarship (Fund 2862)

Faculty Support:
Fred Schroeder Fund (Fund 5411)

Study Abroad:
Robin Blagburn Memorial Scholarship (Fund 5202)
Robert H. & Mary M. Evans Study in England Scholarship (Fund 6570)
A. Marinelli Scholarship French or Spanish (Fund 2742)
Study Abroad Scholarship (Fund 2715)
Study in England Student Support (Fund 7872)
Anita C. Swanson Foreign Language & Literature Fund (Fund 4924)

Alworth Institute International Fellowship Fund (Fund 2167)
Alworth Institute for International Studies (Fund 2678)
(PUF) Royal D. Alworth, Jr. Professorship (Fund 2521)

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