Monthly Gifts

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Once a monthly gift is set up, it will automatically repeat each month, providing a convenient way to spread your contribution over time. You will create a larger impact through your giving by making manageable payments in an amount that's right for you.

Your monthly gift helps build a predictable source of funding for UMD. Reliable donor support leads to significant advances in UMD-wide priorities such as scholarships, academic programs, research, technology enhancements, and preservation of the campus.

Monthly giving saves administrative costs. It's the greenest giving option because it saves paper, postage, and other resources by eliminating renewal notices in your inbox, voicemail, and mailbox.

You can set up your monthly contribution online safely and securely.

  1. Choose the area you want to support in our secure online giving tool.

  2. Enter in the amount you want to give each month ($5 minimum).

  3. Check the box "Make this a monthly gift."

  4. Complete the payment information using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or a direct deduction from your bank account.

Your first donation will be charged on the day you set up your monthly gift, and then will repeat on the 15th of each month after. For example, if you make your gift on January 1, future charges will be on February 15th, March 15th, and so on. The University will notify you each month when your card is charged.

You can change or cancel your ongoing contribution anytime by calling the University of Minnesota Foundation at 612-624-3333 or 800-775-2187.

You can also set up a monthly gift by printing and mailing in this gift form:

University of Minnesota Foundation

PO Box 860266

Minneapolis, MN 55486-0266