Why Donors Give

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Success: The Result of Dedication

Students receive diploma.

UMD donors are passionate about their gifts.  Read their stories about why they support UMD and how their gifts have made a difference.

Generous donors giving to UMD

Volunteers at Heart

Mary is actively engaged promoting university-wide initiatives, as a Tweed Museum, Alumni Association, and College of Liberal Arts board member. Serving on
the Chancellor’s Advisory Council, Paul shares his wife’s devotion for UMD advancement. One phone call initiated the impactful legacy of Dr. Mary Ebert ’70 and
Paul Stembler. “I reached out and asked how I can be involved with an institution so important during my college years, and I still feel strongly about,” said Mary.

Mary’s commitment to service leadership at UMD began during her college years and was hallmarked when she received the Sieur du Lhut student.

Going above and beyond, their passion to financially invest in the next generation has led them to establish UMD scholarship funds in both the School of Fine Arts
and the College of Liberal Arts. They also annually gift payments received from a University of Minnesota Foundation charitable gift annuity to fund additional scholarships.award. As a vanguard, she became the first student representative to the University of Minnesota’s Board of Regents.

She also served on UMD’s student association and Kirby Program Board.“We get to meet students, and that makes a big difference,” Paul remarked. “It is more rewarding to watch our investment grow and have impact in ways we value.”