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Concerns About Your Accommodations

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The University of Minnesota Duluth will provide reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities that ensure equal access to educational opportunities and other university-sponsored programs and activities.

Disability Resources will promptly respond to verbal or written notification from students if reasonable accommodations are not provided in an effective or timely manner, or if the student is dissatisfied with the provision of disability services. Disability Resources will communicate with the student and any other relevant party to attempt to resolve the issue.

If the student with a disability believes they are not being reasonably accommodated, they should:

  • Contact their Disability Specialist as soon as possible to discuss the concern.
  • If not resolved, or the student is unable to talk with their Disability Specialist, contact the Director of Disability Resources.
  • Finally, the student may consult with the Office of Equal Opportunity or may file a grievance with that office.