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Accommodation Process

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Working with Disability Resources

How do students request accommodations?

  • The student discloses a disability and requests accommodations.
  • The student provides documentation of a disability.
  • The student meets with a Disability Specialist to discuss the impact of their disability in the academic setting.
  • The student and Disability Specialist work together to determine reasonable accommodations, which are outlined in the Letter of Accommodation.
  • The student will share with faculty members their Letter of Accommodation and discuss important details.

Reasonable Accommodations

  • Reasonable means the accommodation will never lower standards or waive essential class requirements.
  • Appropriate means the accommodation will mitigate the specific limitation(s) of the disability.
  • Accommodations cannot fundamentally alter course objectives or diminish course standards.

Accommodations Available

Accommodations are provided on a case by case basis and consider the student’s strengths, limitations, and nature of the classes selected. Disability Resources welcomes all requests for accommodations. However, please keep in mind that it is the student’s responsibility to make accommodation requests in advance of their need, as accommodations are not retroactive.

  • Test accommodations: extended time or quiet environment
  • Reading accommodations: audio books, e-text, text to speech software
  • Note taking accommodations
  • Interpreting
  • Assistive Technology

The accommodations listed above include typical accommodations approved by DR staff.  However, there are times when a student’s documentation supports a more individualized accommodation.  These accommodations would be determined and approved by the assigned Disability Specialist.