Accommodation Process

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Working with Disability Resources

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How do students request accommodations?

  • The student discloses a disability and requests accommodations.
  • The student provides documentation of a disability.
  • The student meets with a Disability Specialist to discuss the impact of their disability in the academic setting.
  • The student and Disability Specialist work together to determine reasonable accommodations, which are outlined in the Letter of Accommodation.
  • The student will share with faculty members their Letter of Accommodation and discuss important details.

Reasonable Accommodations

  • Reasonable means the accommodation will never lower standards or waive essential class requirements.
  • Appropriate means the accommodation will mitigate the specific limitation(s) of the disability.
  • Accommodations cannot fundamentally alter course objectives or diminish course standards.

Accommodations Available

Accommodations are provided on a case by case basis and consider the student’s strengths, limitations, and nature of the classes selected.

  • Test accommodations: extended time or quiet environment
  • Reading accommodations: audio books, e-text, text to speech software
  • Note taking accommodations
  • Interpreting
  • Assistive Technology