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How to Request Accommodations

After you have registered for classes:

  • Complete the Request for Accommodations form
  • Provide a copy of your documentation
  • Meet with a Disability Specialist at the beginning of the semester. Bring your course schedule & syllabi to the appointment.
  • Be ready to talk about how your disability impacts you, as well as your strengths and limitations
  • You will work with your specialist to develop a plan that best fits your needs

Accommodations Available

Accommodation decisions are made on a case by case basis and consider the student’s strengths, limitations, and nature of the classes selected.

  • Test Accommodations
  • Reading Accommodations
  • Note Taking
  • Interpreting
  • Assistive Technology
  • Housing & Dining Accommodations

Documentation is required for ongoing academic accommodations.

The accommodations listed above include typical accommodations approved by DR staff.  However, there are times when a student’s documentation supports a more individualized accommodation.  These accommodations would be determined and approved by the assigned Disability Specialist. 

All campuses of the University of Minnesota system have staff responsible for facilitating access to learning, working and participating in campus life.  For more information contact:

If you are looking for more support & services please visit our Resources page.