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Candidates Seeking a Second Licensure

Essential Qualifications

Essential qualifications for admission to the Unified Early Childhood Studies Program for Post-baccalaureate candidates:

In order to apply for admission, prospective candidates must complete the accompanying application packet. ALL parts must be completed correctly and be submitted in order for the application to be accepted.

Essential Components of Application

(See detailed descriptions for these six items, below)

  1. Personal statement
  2. Minimum of three letters of recommendation
  3. Post-baccalaureate Contract
  4. Copy of a teaching license
  5. Confirmation of completion of the Pre-professional Skills Test (PPST) (Praxis I), if necessary
  6. Signed consent form for placement and teaching files (included in the application packet)

1. Personal Statement

Please submit a letter to Program Coordinator Kim Riordan. It should be one to two, single-spaced, type-written pages. It should be professional in nature, and include a personal statement describing why you consider yourself a good candidate for the United Early Childhood Program. The letter should be sent to:

Kim Riordan
Unified Early Childhood Program Coordinator
UMD Department of Education
150 EduE, 412 Library Dive
Duluth MN 55812

2. Letters of Recommendation

You must have at least three letters of recommendation. Request your recommendations from someone who can speak to your level of responsibility, ability to complete tasks and ability to work with young children. This would preferably be a supervisor who has observed you working with young children. Other letters may come from employers, professors and other people who know you in another context, but must be able to address such areas as your character, attitudes and work ethic.

Each recommendation must address all of the following items:
(Be sure the person making your recommendation has this information so they include the following)

  • The nature and extent of the acquaintance and association
  • Evidence of ability to work with children and adults
  • Identification and/or description of personality traits and qualities which should help the candidate become an effective early childhood educator
  • Any other information about the candidate which would be helpful
  • An overall recommendation indicating one of the choices below:
    • Strongly recommend
    • Recommend
    • Recommend with reservation
    • Do not recommend
  • Signature and date

3. Post-baccalaureate Contract

Post-baccalaureate candidates will have a copy of their Post-baccalaureate contract, signed by all, included in their file in the Education Department. We will obtain this from the College of Education and Human Service Professions (CEHSP) Student Affairs Office.

4. Teaching License

If you have a teaching license, please send a copy with your application.

5. Pre-professional Skills Test (PPST) (Praxis Test I)

Whether or not the Pre-professional Skills Test (PPST) (Praxis Test I) is needed will be determined on an individual basis through the post-baccalaureate review.

If it is determined that you must take the PPST, you must and pass take ALL THREE sections (Reading, Writing and Mathematics) prior to completing your application. Please include a copy of your passing scores with your application.

6. Signed Consent Form

A signed consent form is needed in your placement and teaching files. The form is in the application packet, and is included, below.

Consent Form

I, __________________________________, hereby consent to the inclusion of the following forms in my placement file in the Career Services office at UMD:

  • UMD Student Teacher Final Evaluations

And the following forms (if available) in my student file in the Department of Education:

  • UMD student teacher evaluation; mid-term and final evaluations both from student (self evaluation) and cooperating teachers
  • Application to the Unified Early Childhood Program for the post-baccalaureate student
  • Post-baccalaureate contract

I understand that my placement file will be accessible to future hiring officials, and my student file will be accessible to faculty only in the Department of Education.

Student Signature and Date

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