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Application for Admission to the Unified Early Childhood Studies Program ("the Early Childhood Blocks")

The Unified Early Childhood Studies (UECh) Program is seeking applications from candidates who would like to be considered for admission to a cohort.

Block 1 Unified Early Childhood Studies program applications are due the sixth Friday of each semester, at 4 p.m., in 150 EduE, for the following semester.

Check specific deadline dates.

Application Packet

  • Download the Unified Early Childhood Studies Program Application Packet: (as a Word file)

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Application Instructions

Summary of Essential Qualifications

[This is a Summary - See Complete Packet for Details]

  • A minimum of 45 credits to apply to the UECh Program
  • 60 credits completed before you can begin the block coursework
  • A 2.7 grade point average, overall.
  • Confirmation that you have taken the Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST) for reading, writing, and mathematics or the newer Minnesota Teacher License Exam (MTLE) for reading, writing and math.
  • Passing scores on a standardized test (if you have not received the PPST/MTLE scores at time of application or do not have passing scores in the PPST/MTLE).
  • A demonstrated commitment to working with children. This includes 60 hours in supervised settings during the past two years; preferably 30 hours in an early primary (K - Grade 3) setting and 30 hours in an early childhood (birth - age 5) setting.
  • Three letters of recommendation.
  • Nearing completion of the prerequisite courses listed in the UMD Bulletin and on your UECh program planning worksheet.
  • Successful completion of an interview with UECh program faculty member(s). (You will be notified of date/time).

Summary of Essential Components of Application

[This is a Summary - See Complete Packet for Details]

ALL essential components listed below must be completed correctly and submitted on time in order for the application to be accepted. Late or incomplete applications will be returned and students may need to wait until the following year to apply.

  • Check list with signature of student.
  • Resume, including a cover letter.
  • Three signed letters of recommendation (letters may also "double" as confirmation of your work with young children).
  • Current Academic Progress Audit System (APAS) - Important: Download the "printer-friendly" version.
  • Evidence of working with youth – verification of a minimum 60 hours working with youth, preferably 30 hours in early primary setting and 30 hours in an early childhood setting.
  • Confirmation that you have taken the Pre-professional Skills Test (PPST, which is also known as Praxis I) for reading, writing, and mathematics, or the MTLE for reading, writing and math.
  • Verification of passing scores for reading, writing and mathematics from one (or a combination) of the following tests (listed with minimum passing scores):
    • MTLE: Reading, writing, and math
    • PPST: Reading 173, writing 172, mathematics 171.
    • SAT: 50th percentile in comparable subject for reading, writing and/or mathematics.
    • ACT: 21 on each subtest comparable for reading, writing and/or mathematics.
    • CTBS: Notification of a passing score from the Department of Education for the comparable subtest(s).
  • Signed Consent Form for placement and teaching file
  • Program Plan Worksheet (see your UECH Academic Advisor for this)
  • Completed Disposition Worksheet

The Department of Education offers the Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills (CTBS) each semester on Thursday, the day before the program applications are due. This test is offered for anyone who does not have a passing score for reading, writing, or mathematics on another standardized test. To take the CTBS, please register in the Department of Education Office, 150 EduE, at least one day before it's given. The cost of this test is $20 for each section you may need. Please contact Chris Peterson (, 150 EduE, 726-7592) for details, and to register to take the test.

Candidates Seeking a Second Licensure (for Post-baccalaureate Students) - click here.

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