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Applying for Your Minnesota Teaching License - for UMD Students Applying for a FIRST Teaching License

Four ONLINE Steps

  1. Create an account
  2. Fill out your online application
  3. Print cover sheet and license verification form
  4. Make payment


  • If you create an account and complete the application, but do not pay within 60 days, your entire record will be deleted. You will have to start all over, with a DIFFERENT user name and password.
  • If you create an account, make payment, and application is NOT sent to the state within 60 days, your account will be deleted from MDE if you do not contact them to explain why your license application has not been sent to their state office. Reasons for your application not being sent to the state include not passing state required tests, problems with degree posting. The state will extend your application if you contact them.
  • It's safest to wait until you have passing scores for all required tests BEFORE you begin the application process.

The Minnesota Department of Education has an ONLINE Process. 

Step 1: Create an Account

Information Needed

  • First, middle and last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • User ID (you decide what this will be)
  • Password (minimum: eight characters, one capital letter)
  • Password RETRIEVAL clue (city born in, father's middle name, etc.)

Hints for success with ONLINE steps

  • You'll have 60 minutes to complete the online application form, or you'll be "timed out" and will have to start over.
  • Don't use the "BACK" button. (You'll lose the information you've already put in).
  • Use links on the left side to return to pages you've already completed, if needed, to edit.
  • You'll be able to edit all parts at the end, before you submit.
  • Click "SUBMIT" when finished.

Step 2: Fill in Application Form

  • Application type (FIRST TIME license)
  • License type (TEACHING)
  • Name, address (USE PERMANENT ADDRESS, such as parent's address)
  • Phone number, email address
  • Date of birth
  • Gender


  • Social Security Number - providing this is NOT mandatory: "Failure to do so may result in misidentification, but will not result in the denial of a license."
  • You'll need to provide name and location of all colleges/universities you have attended, degree(s) granted, date(s) awarded, and student ID number for each.
  • Use a "permanent" address, for example your parents' address.


  • Review all information for accuracy, Edit, if needed.
  • Click SUBMIT
  • NOTE: Once submitted, you CANNOT edit information.

Conduct Review Statement

  • You must provide details about nature and dates of any arrests, convictions and formal disciplinary actions.
  • This includes underage drinking, DUI, etc., but those will not keep you from getting teaching license.
  • Information MUST be true and correct.
  • Inaccurate information may result in denial of license!

Conduct Review details

If you have existing or pending convictions, you'll need to provide the following information:

  • Offense convicted of, or currently charged with
  • Level of offense
  • Date of offense
  • Name of arresting agency
  • Court Jurisdiction

If you are now, or were ever, on probation as part of the sentence imposed in this matter the following information is needed:

  • Plea and conditions of probation, if any
  • Date of release from probation
  • If still on probation, name and phone number of probation officer
  • Details of the incident

Step 3. Print "Cover Sheet" and "Verification of Program" Forms

The "Cover Sheet" document will display

  • Includes your "Process Number"
  • Includes Document Checklist (list of items you need to submit in hard copy)
  • Links to additional forms you need to print
  • Verification of Licensure Program at UMD
  • Any additional information about your license


  • PRINT "Cover Sheet" AND "Verification Form" to submit to CEHSP Advising and Academic Services Office, 120 Bohannon Hall.
  • Complete the applicant information at the top of Verification Form.
  • KEEP a COPY of these forms for your records.

Step 4: Pay Online

Need Visa or MasterCard

You'll be asked for your security number on the signature strip of credit card.

  • Once payment is received, you will be given a file number within 48 hours.
  • It will say: "Licensure PENDING" until the state finishes the review process, and posts your complete licensure information.

Offline Steps

You need to provide these THREE items to Jayme Battaglia, in the CEHSP Advising and Acacemic Services Office

  1. "Cover Page and Checklist" (printed from online application)
  2. "Verification of Completion of Program" form (printed from online application)
  3. Fingerprint card with fingerprints
The CEHSP Advising and Academic Services Office will verify that you have passed the required Licensure Tests.

CEHSP Office Sends your Final Application Packet to Minnesota Department of Education.


YOU provide

  1. Printed "Cover Sheet" from online process
  2. "Verification of Program Completion" form (complete top portion)
  3. Fingerprint card
  4. Write your 7 digit student ID number in the top right corner of license verification form.

Send the three documents to Jayme Battaglia, 120 Bohannon Hall.

Get fingerprint card at UMD or get by MAIL from the Minnesota Department of Education

Fingerprint Information

Some students at UMD will get their fingerprints completed in the Professional Issues class

  • Other students can go to any Police Department or Sheriff's Office to get their fingerprints
    • In Duluth, you must call ahead for an appointment. Appointments are Monday afternoon and all day Wednesday.
    • There will be a charge. St. Louis County charges $16.00. Must have a picture ID. Payment is cash or check only. No debit or credit cards. Call 218-726-2008 for an appointment.
  • Must be on official fingerprint card from the Minnesota Department of Education

General Information

Timeline for Application Process

  • Degree posting will occur approximately two to three weeks from the end of the term
  • Allow for processing time in CEHSP
  • Allow four to six weeks for test scores to get to UMD
  • A COPY of your "Verification of Program Completion" will be mailed to you, at the same time the materials are mailed to the State Department of Education. You can show this document in job interviews to "prove" that your materials have been submitted to the State.
  • License will be awarded approximately four to six weeks after the State receives ALL materials:
    • Online AND
    • Application packet from CEHSP

State Review Process

The licensure review process at the Minnesota Department of Education does not begin until:

  • Online application has been submitted
  • Processing fee has been paid
  • All supporting documentation has been RECEIVED by the Minnesota Department of Education

Status: Licensure Pending

When applying for jobs, say: Licensure Pending

You can check progress of your application at: "Minnesota Educator License Look-up" on the Minnesota Department of Education Teacher Licensure web site.

License Is Valid for FIVE Years

  • You must apply for RENEWAL before expiration
  • To renew, you need to have earned 125 "clock hour credits" of PRE-APPROVED professional development within the five years:
    • Attend inservice training at your school
    • Attend conferences of professional organizations
    • Take college courses (one credit = 24 clock hours)
  • If license lapses, you must meet all new requirements in place at time you reapply.
  • Further information is on the Minnesota Department of Education web site.  UMD does not have information on renewals.

Online vs. Paper Process

  • The online process is used ONLY for your FIRST (initial) application for a teaching license.
  • You must still use the paper process:
    • To add a second field to your license (e.g., special education or another specialty field)
    • To change from a substitute license to a regular license
  • Forms are available online (Minnesota Department of Education web site) or from Jayme Battaglia in CEHSP Advising and Academic Services Office (see contact information, below).

For Questions - such as:

  • Licensure in other states
  • Adding a second licensure area
  • Getting substitute teacher license


Jayme Battaglia, 726-7074
CEHSP Advising and Academic Services Office
120 Bohannon Hall

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