Welcome to the Laboratory for Intelligent Systems (LIS)

Professor Marian Stachowicz founded Laboratory for Intelligent Systems (LIS) in 1992. LIS is an interdisciplinary laboratory at the University of Minnesota Duluth, department of Electrical and Computer Engineering devoted to research and development of Soft Computing systems.

In general, Soft Computing techniques consist of Fuzzy Set Theory, Neural Networks, and Genetic Algorithms. Such computing techniques are mathematical models, algorithms, and computer programs used to model, predict, or control complex physical systems, such as industrial processes, vehicle motion, or natural systems.

The Laboratory for Intelligent Systems has a vast history of interesting and innovative research conducted by both undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Minnesota.  Research topics have included projects in stamp recognition, bar code techniques, fuzzy logic in Mathematica, and more.

Researchers in LIS are both graduate and undergraduate students. While some students are funded by corporate grants, many undergraduates are funded by the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). In either case, students in LIS earn valuable research experience in a cooperative educational/industrial environment.