Dr. Marian Stachowicz

Dr. Stachowicz has been at the UMD as Jack Rowe Chair since 1991. He is graduate professor for Computer Science Department, UMD and Control Science and Dynamical Systems, UM. He received his M.S. degree in Control and Computer Engineering from LETI, Soviet Union and both his Ph.D and D.Sc. from University of Science and Technology, Poland. He previously held a professorship at the universities in Poland, as well as a number of appointments as visiting professor at various institutions, including UM, the Moscow Power Institute, Leipzig Technical University, University of Arizona, and Arizona State University.

His work centers on artificial intelligence and soft computing, decision analysis and control. He has published seven books, 120 papers in journals and conference proceedings and has 20 patents. He and Lance Beall, his former undergraduate student from ECE Department UMD, are developers of the Fuzzy Logic Package for Mathematica. This software is applied around the world for many years.

Dr. Stachowicz received two awards from the Polish Ministry of Higher Education and Science for the introduction the digital fuzzy sets into the fuzzy set theory that has facilitated applications of the fuzzy set theory to computer engineering. He is a senior member of IEEE and a member of NAFIPS and IFSA. Contracts and grants, totally 1 million dollars, from NATSRL, 3M, Imation, Minnesota Power, University of Minnesota, have funded his research. Dr. Stachowicz also supervised on all campuses 21 UROP projects, 35 M.S. thesis and three Ph.D dissertations.

Dr Stachowicz’s CV