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  • UMD Camps
    UMD Camps

  • “We want the Duluth community to see all UMD is doing”Subbaram.Naidu

    Using 3D printers, virtual reality and a group of electrical engineering students, Subbaram Naidu is continuing five years of research to attempt to make cost-effective yet still elegant prosthetic hands.

  • Naidu began his work on robotic prosthetic hands during his 14 years at Idaho State University in Pocatello. There, he used U.S. Department of Defense funding. While fewer soldiers were dying in modern warfare, he said, the loss of limbs remained prevalent. 

    More at Duluth News Tribune & KBJR Video

    SCSE Staff Provide “Outstanding Service”Helen, Shey, Lisa, OUtstanding Service Awards

    Three Swenson College of Science & Engineering staff members were recently honored with UMD Outstanding Service awards – Helen Sandwick, Lisa Sundberg and Shey Peterson. They all have different backgrounds, but one thing they have in common is a love for their work and dedication to our students.
  • Helen works as an Executive Office and Administrative Specialist for the Air Force ROTC program. She has worked at UMD for nearly 30 years and in her current position for the last 25. As the only civilian in the aerospace studies department, she primarily acts as a liaison between the Air Force and the students’ campuses. During her tenure, she has seen well over 200 cadets commission as second lieutenants in the United States Air Force and remains in contact with many of them. “I’m kind of a mother hen,” says Helen. “I love watching the students go from a shy freshman to a competent leader during their time here.”

    As Ship Steward on the UMD research vessel, the Blue Heron, Lisa takes on a leadership role. Her responsibilities include ensuring the health and well-being of up to 11 passengers living on board as they conduct research missions that can take multiple days. Lisa is also the Outreach Coordinator for the Large Lakes Observatory. She’s been working in this position with the research institution for the last four years. Her Outstanding Service award recognizes her creation and coordination of Science Friday events that take place monthly during the summer on board the Blue Heron. Open to the public, the events educate people of all ages about freshwater lakes and the research being done by UMD students and faculty on Lake Superior.

    “I’m really honored by this award,” says Lisa. “And I’m proud of our work. We are the largest University on the largest freshwater lake, so I think of it as a responsibility to give people a glimpse of the fascinating research we do and hopefully inspire young people to pursue a career in science.”

    Shey is an Executive Secretary in SCSE’s Electrical Engineering Department. She has worked at UMD for 13 years and her current role keeps her busy. In addition to helping students, she works on everything from departmental events and supervising student workers to communication needs and assisting faculty. She is being recognized for the engineering summer camps she coordinates for middle school and high school students.

    “I wasn’t hired to do this type of work,” says Shey. “But the goal of this department has always been to do more outreach and encourage more young women to pursue science degrees so that is how it all started.” Shey’s passion for working with young people and the willingness of other staff and faculty to support her efforts got the ball rolling in 2012 and now the camps are being offered annually. Another thing the award winners have in common? They are all thankful to those that nominated them. Shey adds, “I’m really grateful because I’ve nominated someone before and I know it’s a lot of work.”

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