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Department of Electrical Engineering
271 Marshall W. Alworth Hall
1023 University Dr.
University of Minnesota Duluth
Duluth, MN 55812
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EE majors are required to meet with their advisor each semester to discuss their academic plans for the upcoming semester and to obtain a registration hold release. Students are encouraged to meet as often as needed to discuss curriculum choices, professional interests, and any other topics as they pursue their electrical engineering education. Students who have questions about any part of the EE program should see their advisor.

NOTE: Please see your advisor on arranging your program to obtain, in addition, a Computer Engineering (CpE) minor, a Mathematics minor, and/or the Energy Engineering minor.


  1. ALL EE MAJORS MUST SEE THEIR ADVISORS BEFORE THEY CAN REGISTER. (Exception: Seniors who are graduating at the end of the semester.)
  2. Do not expect to see your advisor without an appointment. Sign up ahead of time, preferably a day in advance so that your advisor has time to retrieve your file from the EE office.
  3. Check your registration queue time, and sign up for advisement in plenty of time to allow you to register as scheduled.
  4. Check your advisor's calendar early (posted near or on their office door), to make sure there are not blocks of times when he/she is going to be unavailable. If your advisor will be unavailable during the time just preceding your queue time, sign up early.
  5. After meeting with your advisor, he/she will send your Advisement Hold Release form to the SCSE Dean's Office, 140 Engr. Bldg.
  6. Remember, lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency for your advisor or the department. Please do your part to make advisement a worthwhile experience for you.
  7. Students are also encouraged to visit with their advisor to discuss career planning and the practice of engineering. It is important to observe that your academic advisor is often a good choice as a reference for job applications.


A 'D' is the minimum grade required in an EE course. Although it is not required, students receiving a D in an EE course are encouraged to retake the course.


The student should pick up a 'Course Repeat' card at the Solon Campus Center Information Desk. Complete the card and bring to the instructor for approval. Return to the Information Desk.

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