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The  EHSO-Safety Updates is an electronic-newsletter of the UMD EHSO. It is used as an additional tool to inform, announce, remind, advise, instruct, advertise, and communicate important information regarding a variety of safety subjects, compliance guidance, and emergency preparedness to the UMD research, teaching and service community, and the entire campus community

The purpose of this Newsletter is to help build and sustain interest in safety and emergency preparedness - related issues on campus, improve campus safety awareness and emergency preparedness, and to promote and ensure a robust safety culture.

These Updates are not a substitute for training.
UMD Safety Updates

Tips for Walking on Ice or other Slippery Surfaces

Previous Updates

Tips for Work in Cold Environments

Laboratory Ergonomics (Pipetting)

Emergency Evacuation plans

New Process for Teaching Labs Using RG2 Infectious Agent

Emergency Call Procedure

Research Safety and Other Training
(How to access/register for required safety training)

Required Workplace Safety Posting

Emergency Evacuation Drills

Potential Extreme Heat and Related Stress

If there is a subject you would like us to discuss in our upcoming Safety Updates, please let us know at  Thank you.
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