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Building Emergency Evacuation Plans (BEEP)

Dear Campus Community, Colleagues

It is time again to review and update your Building Emergency Evacuation Plans (BEEP), especially if you have moved to a new building, or have experienced a change in staffing.  The plan calls for departments to provide staff volunteers to act as “floor monitors” and “work area reps”. 

We are required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), under the Emergency Action Plans Standard codified in 29 CFR 1910.38 to develop a Written Emergency Evacuation Plan.  The UMD BEEP plan is designed to satisfy this requirement.

For your convenience, a revised template plan is available at:
  • Please fill in the names of staff members who are willing to act as volunteers and alternates for each floor of your building as required in the plan, 
  • List convenient assembly point locations where evacuated staff should go in the event of an emergency, and make sure that at least one assembly area is indoors so that evacuated staff does not have to be outside during cold weather.
  • Ensure all the BEEP volunteers are subscribed to the University emergency text messaging TXT-U System, to receive emergency text alerts during emergencies.
The plan also requires you to list your building entrance assignments, and your floor “safe rooms”.   Safe rooms” are required for floors without direct access to the outside.   If people with “a need for assistance to evacuate” can easily leave the building without any assistance, and without using the elevator, then safe rooms are not required.

For consistency and ease of reviewing, please use the provided template format, and send a completed electronic copy to the UMD Office of Environmental Health and Safety at .

Evacuation Drills

Evacuation drills this year will take place soon and while classes are in session, to ensure staff and students evacuate their respective buildings according to plan.   All evacuation drills will be conducted during the day. Notification about the drills will be forthcoming.

Related Training

Emergency Preparedness and Response (EPR) training is now offered once a month by the UMD Office of Environmental Health and Safety.  You may register for the class through ULearn.  Follow registration instructions, and if you cannot find it, do a search for "Emergency Preparedness Training/UMD". 

All University employees, regardless of title or rank, including student employees are required to attend this training.  Individual departments may chose to organize/schedule a training session for their own staff.  The training is required once every three years.  For more information on the EPR training or for scheduling a department training session, please contact me at 726-7273, or

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