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Radioisotope Source Possession and Use Requirements
Purchase, Receipt, and Transfer of Radioisotopes
Personnel Radiation Monitoring
Management of Radioisotope Laboratory and Use Area
Radioactive Waste Disposal Procedure
Radioactive Waste Disposal Chart
Mopping or Waxing of Radioisotope Use Areas
Radiation Emergencies
Radiation Safety Training
Policy on Declared Pregnant Radiation Workers
Policy on Eating and Drinking in the Laboratory
Radiation Protection Forms

X-Ray Safety
UMD-Radiation Protection Advisory Committee (RPAC)
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Policy For Termination of Laboratory use of Hazardous Materials
10 CFR, Part 20: Protection Against Radiation
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
Haz. Waste Mgt

Mopping or Waxing
of Radioisotope Use Areas

If your laboratory floor requires cleaning (mopping and/or waxing) by custodial staff, you should get the area to be mopped or waxed ready:
  • Remove all radioactive waste containers from the area or laboratory to be mapped or waxed.
  • Smear-survey the floors of the area to be mopped or waxed to check for contamination.
  • If floor was found to be contaminated, decontaminate and smear survey until contamination is removed.
  • Send or Fax survey to Environmental Health and Safety Office 726-8127, or give a copy to custodial staff.  Environmental Health and Safety will instruct custodian to perform the waxing or mopping.
Custodial staff are not trained the use and handling of radioactive materials and therfore, they are instructed not to handle any radioactive waste container.   It is the responsibility of laboratory personnel. Your cooperation is much appreciated.

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