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Emergency Procedure
for Persons Needing Assistance
to Evacuate

mobility In any emergency requiring evacuation, do not panic, proceed as follows:
  1. If you are on a building floor WITHOUT exit doorways, and you hear a fire alarm, or are informed of fire or other emergency situation.

    1. Go to a safe room immediately;
    2. Safe Rooms:
      Reasonably safe rooms, unless otherwise specified/designated, are regular rooms that are easily accessible to individuals with limited mobility and should be equipped with some or all of the following.

      • Windows to the outside
      • A telephone
      • Closeable doors

    3. Inform or ask someone, a building occupant or floor monitor in particular, to alert the first arriving emergency responders of your presence and location;

    4. Call 911 from the safe room, to ensure rescue personnel are notified of your location;
      • Request "IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE TO EVACUATE", especially if threatned by smoke or toxic fumes;
      • Provide operator with your exact location, Building Name, Floor and Room Numbers;
      • Give phone number you are calling from;
      • Remain by phone, police have radio contact with officers at scene and will keep you informed of the situation.

      The information you provide to the emergency operator will be immediately relayed to all emergency and rescue personnel arriving at the scene, who will assist in your safe evacuation if circumstances warrant.

  2. If you are on a building floor (main floor) with exit doors, leave the area immediately by normal means
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