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Campus Emergency Info: Desk Reference (Word Doc)

Chemical Emergencies

In case of chemical spills, do not panic.  Proceed as follow:

  • Leave spill area immediately.
  • Remove personnel from danger of toxic vapors or gases, and direct them to nearest exit.
  • Alert neighbors.
  • Do not use elevators.
  • Block off all entrances to the spill site and prevent people from entering the contaminated area.
  • Close fire doors, isolate and post area.
  • Never re-enter a chemical spill area without proper protective equipment.  You may endanger your life and health.

1. Call 911 after hours and for large spills involving:

  • Injury that requires medical treatment.
  • Fire or explosion hazards
  • Potentially life threatening gases and/or vapors.
Never attempt to clean up a chemical spill without the use of personal protective equipment.

Consult with our office first.

Call EHS Office:

Call 911 for large spills and After hours
2. On workdays 7:45 am to 4:30 pm.
  • Call Environmental Health and Safety Office at 726-7139.
  • After hours, call 911 and leave a number where you could be reached.

Provide Information

Be available to provide information to responders on the type of chemical spilled and an estimated amount of material spilled.

Clean-up the Spill

Use appropriate protective equipment and supplies to clean up the spill. for Assistance call Environmental Health and Safety office 726-7139.

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