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Building Evacuation Procedure

UMD Building Evacuation drills are conducted on a regular basis.  Drills’ notices may or may not be given in advance of a drill.   However, all building occupants are required to follow instructions found in their Building Evacuation and Exit Plan (BEEP).   Students and visitors (including staff from other buildings) are required to cooperate during planned drills or emergency mandated evacuations.

During emergency evacuations, or whenever you hear the building alarm, are informed of a general building emergency, or are ordered to evacuate, do not panic proceed as follow:

  • Do not ignore the alarm.
  • If time and emergency conditions permit, secure your workplace and take your important personal items such as car keys, purse, medication, or glasses with you.
  • Dismiss class and direct students to leave immediately, to follow evacuation instructions, and to meet at the predetermined emergency assembly point.
  • Leave the building immediately, in an orderly fashion.
  • Walk do not run
  • Keep noise to a minimum so that you can hear emergency instructions.
  • Follow building evacuation and floor monitors’ instructions
  • Do not use elevators.
  • Use handrails in stairwells and stay to the right.
  • Follow quickest evacuation route from where you are (see posted floor evacuation routes).
  • Do not go back to your office, or classroom area for any reason.
  • Proceed to the designated emergency assembly point for your area. If the designated assembly point/area is unsafe or blocked due to the emergency, proceed to the alternate assembly point.
  • Report to your Work Area Rep at the assembly point to be checked off as having evacuated safely; also report any knowledge you may have of missing persons.
  • Return to the building only after emergency officials (police) or building monitors give the all-clear signal.  Silencing the alarm does not mean the emergency is over.
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