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Campus Emergency Info: Desk Reference (Word Doc)

Fire Emergencies
If you discover fire, or see smoke, do not panic. Call 911 and proceed with the following:

emove/Relocate individuals away from danger, if  possible, without endagering your safety.

Activate Alarm: Pull fire alarm at pull-box, and/or call 911.

Confine/Contain fire and smoke by closing doors and windows.


  • Extinguish fire only if trained and fire is small, using nearest fire extinguisher.
  • Evacuate by nearest safe exit, never use elevators.  Do not run, Crawl if overwhelmed by smoke.
alarm If you hear the fire alarm, or are informed of a fire


  • Follow instructions in your (BEEP) Building Emergency Evacuation Plan.
  • Check door with the back of your hand, to ensure it is cool before opening.
  • Walk quickly - Do Not Run - to nearest safe exit.  Crawl if you encouter Smoke.
  • DO NOT use elevators.
  • Proceed to designated safe area beyond building entrances.
  • Do not re-enter building until ALL-CLEAR is issued by the fire department.

Never attempt to extinguish large fires if not trained and well equipped.

Use the fire extinguisher located in your laboratory or service area to extinguish small fires ONLY.

If interested, take "The ABC's of Fire Safety" training.   For info about the training contact our office at: or  call 726-7139

REMEMBER! Smoke inhalation is the most frequent cause of death in fire emergencies.


If you are a person with limited mobility, or a need for assistance to evacuate, you should proceed to the nearest safe room and ask someone to notify emergency personnel of your presence and location.

For more information on assistance to evacuate, go to:

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