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Campus Emergency Info: Desk Reference (Word Doc)

Emergency Call Procedure:

In case any emergency, the following procedure must be carried out.

  1. Always Dial 911 From a Safe Location

  2. Provide operator with the following information:
    • Your name and phone number;
    • Your location: Building name, floor and room numbers;
    • Nature of emergency (fire, medical, chemical spill, etc);
    • Number of injured people if any, and nature of injuries if known;
    • Nearest building entrance where emergency personnel should go.

  3. Ask someone to or meet the emergency personnel outside of the building, and direct them to the emergency location.

  4. If it is safe to do so, stay on line until you are excused by emergency operator.


Attention:  If you are a person with a need of assistance to evacuate, request immediate assistance, inform the emergency operator of your location (safe room) and go to that location.

For more information on assistance to evacuate, go to:

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