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Emergency Numbers

Bldg Evac Procedure

Lockdown/Shelter in Place

General Emergency Call Procedure

Emergency Procedure for Persons Needing Assistance to Evacuate

Fire Emergencies

Chemical Emergencies

Radiation Emergencies

Biological Emergencies

Mail Threats

Bomb Threats

Medical Emergencies

Injury Reporting

Severe Weather


Emergency Numbers:

On weekdays 7:45 am to 4:30 pm, call the numbers below. On weekends and holidays call 911, and request to speak to University police. 

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Emergency Phone # After hours
Medical 911  
Fire 911  
Terroristic Threats 911  
Biological 7139 911
Chemicals 7139 or 6764
Radiocative Materials 7139 or 6764
Severe Weather 729-6697  
Non-Emergency Phone # Pager/cell #
Asbestos/Lead 6332  
Indoor Air Quality 8262
Utility Problems* 8262 726-8147 or

* Utility problems may include: water leaks, gas leaks, sewer-related issues, plumbing, and ventillation problems.

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