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Campus Emergency Info: Desk Reference (Word Doc)

Injury Reporting
and Documentation

All injuries and exposure incidents, occurring on university property, whether emergency in nature or not, MUST be reported for legal and/or workers’ compensation purposes.


Non work-related: (Students, visitors and the general public:)
  • Minor Injuries Requiring First Aid Only:
    1. Send/accompany injured student to UMD Health Services for treatment or observation.  
    2. Depending on type of injury, advise injured visitor to go to their personal physician, a local clinic, or emergency room.  
    3. Fill out "UM Bodily Injury/Property Damage Incident Report" form and send to appropriate Uinversity personnel at 269 Darland Administration Bldg. For more information Call 218-726-6827, or go to: .
  • For severe injuries, Call 911
    1. Fill out "UM Bodily Injury/Property Damage Incident Report" form.
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