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Radiation Emergencies

In case of radiation exposure, or radioactive material spill, do not panic. Call 7139 and proceed with the following:

  • Notify all laboratory personnel of the spill.
  • Restrict access to the spill area.
  • Instruct personnel to wait in a clean/safe area within the lab, and not to leave until they are surveyed for contamination, by a Environmental Health and Safety representative.
  • Put on clean gloves and use GM instrument to self-survey personal clothing and skin surfaces.
  • Remove all contaminated clothing and place in a bag or on a pad.
  • If your skin is contaminated, begin washing with mild soap and water in laboratory sink.
  • Have someone else call from a lab phone and report the incident.
  • Follow emergency call procedure.

For more information on radiation emergencies, consult the Radiation Protection Program Page


Do not attempt to clean up a radioactive material spill! Wait until Environmental Health and Safety representative arrives.

It is important to prevent spread of contamination.

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