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Severe Weather

Campus Emergency Info: Desk Reference (Word Doc)

Severe Weather

Includes tornados, severe thunderstorms, violent snow storms and flooding.

Tornados/Severe Thunderstorms Watch:

If a tornado or a severe thunderstorm WATCH has been issued in an area which includes the campus.

  • Monitor Local Emergency Alert Weather Radio station KDAL 610AM, or the (National Weather Service-Duluth Minnesota) website.

  • Supervisors with employees working outdoors should CONSIDER instructing them to go inside closest building with safe areas.

  • Supervisors with employees working indoors (such as in offices or laboratories) MAY instruct employees to close windows and blinds, and be ready to move to safe areas.

  • Faculty with classes in session should close windows, inform students of building's safe areas, and be ready to relocate to those areas in case the Watch is upgraded to a Warning.

Tornados/Severe Thunderstorms Warning:

If a tornado or a severe thunderstorm WARNING has been issued in an area which includes the campus:

  • Move students and staff to safe areas IMMEDIALTELY.
  • Close classroom, laboratory, and/or office doors.
  • Remain in safe area until warning expires or until the all-clear signal has been issued.

Safe Areas

Safe areas are in interior hallways or rooms away from exterior walls and windows.

Avoid large, poorly supported roofs and structures such as auditoriums, gymnasiums, field houses etc.

A severe thunderstorm or turnado warning is issued by the National Weather Service (Duluth, MN) when a thunderstorm or a tornado has been sighted or indicated by weather radar.  At this point the danger is very serious and you should go to a safe area.

A severe thunderstorm or turnado watch is issued by the National Weather Service (Duluth, MN), when the weather conditions are such that A severe thunderstorm, a turnado, or both, are more likely to develop.

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