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Policy on Unauthorized Animals or Pets in University Buildings or on the Grounds

During the past years there have been periodic complaints concerning animals, primarily dogs, in University buildings or on the grounds. These complaints have come from students, staff, and faculty. The complaints have included disruption in the classroom and concerns over sanitation of the buildings and grounds.

It is recognized that certain animals are important to the University community and are invaluable in terms of research and training. When animals are appropriately used by the University, they are under the guidance of the Animal Care Committee, Veterinary School, or College of Agriculture. Under these usages, the housing and sanitation concerns are properly addressed. Seeing Eye or hearing aide dogs are under the guidance of a blind or hearing-impaired person, and are allowed, by law, access to public buildings. There are also "special circumstances" in which an animal, with approval, is permitted access to buildings and grounds. The policy below does not apply to “approved” animals in University buildings or on University grounds.

"In order to minimize unnecessary maintenance, sanitation problems, and classroom distraction, no unauthorized animals or pets will be allowed in University buildings. When pets are walked across University grounds, the standards established in the animal control ordinances or legislative codes of the local community will prevail."

Individuals who bring unauthorized animals into University buildings will be asked to remove them. Repeated violators may be subject to the disciplinary procedures outlined in the Student Code of Conduct, or applicable employment rules. The animal(s) may be removed by the local animal control officials.

This policy should aid in curtailing many of the problems related to animals (pets) on campus.

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