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Focus On Customer Service

FOCUS is an Internet based application that will allow you initiate requests for services from the Department of Environmental Health and Safety(DEHS).  The 17 request forms located below are the first in a series of web forms that allow you to enter such requests from any University location. The requests will be handled by DEHS Staff as quickly as possible.

Please Note:  To succefully take advantage of this service you must use Internet Explorer on a PC Platform.  Macitosh users please contact DEHS at 612-626-6002, or University services IS Help Desk - (612) 625-1830 for assistance.

For Best Results, the Forms listed below will require:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater.
  • Java Version: 1.4.2 is required.
  • Cookies / Pop-Ups must be enabled (for this site) in your browser.

  1. Air Quality Concern
    Report any concern / issues relating to indoor air quality, mold / mildew, odors, etc.
  2. Chemical Concern
    Concern related to percieved / potential exposure.
  3. Chemical Disposal - Sewer of Trash
    Request authorization to dispose of hazardous chemicals/materials via sewer or trash.
  4. Dosimeter Cancellation Request
    Cancel and Return a Radiation Dosimeter.
  5. Dosimeter Request Form
    Request a new or different type of Radiation Dosimeter.
  6. Food - Water - Housing Concern
    Request review / assistance with concerns relating to food / food preparation, water quality or housing issues.
  7. Hazardous Material Transportation - Paperwork
    Request shipment and associated paperwork for hazardous materials from the University to another location.
  8. Hospital - Patient Service Request
    Request service relating to radiation therapy procedures.
  9. Infectious - Biohazard Concern
    Report concerns relating to research or clinical procedures that may pose a potential for infection or biological contamination.
  10. Laboratory Close-Out / Start-Up Request
    Request laboratory close-out, including chemicals, equipment, and cleaning, or to request lab start-up including preparation and setup.
  11. Noise Concern
    Report issues relating to excessive noise polltion or background noise irritants.
  12. PPE - Equipment Concern
    Request assistance with existing personal protective equipment or to evaluate need and obtain the correct personal protective equipment.
  13. Radiation Equipment Disposal
    Request disposal of radiation producing equipment or other equipment storage units labeled with Radiation Hazard Warning labels or containing radioactive sources.
  14. Radiation Equipment Repair - Calibration Request
    Request repair or calibration of radiation monitoring devices and survey meters.
  15. Radiation Laboratory Survey
    Request a survey of lab area to determine radiation levels, hazards and/or procedural needs.
  16. Special Chemical Testing
    Request field services for chemicals that are unlabeled/unknown and for peroxidizable chemicals or dry picric acid.
  17. Workplace Safety Concern
    Report and request assistance with general workplace safety concerns, may be OSHA or other agency regulated.

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