Committee on Occupational Health and Safety Guideline on Minors in Laboratories

Persons under 18 years of age are not allowed in university laboratories where hazardous materials are present or hazardous activities take place except under the following circumstances:

The minor:

  • is employed by the University or has been formally accepted as a volunteer worker; and
  • has been trained in safe laboratory procedures1; and
  • has adult supervision; and
  • has received a Child Labor Exemption Permit2 from the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry; and
  • the permit is on file with the host department; - or -

The minor is enrolled in a University class with a laboratory component; or

The minor:

  • is participating in a University-sponsored program; and
  • has been trained in safe laboratory procedures; and
  • has adult supervision; and
  • has a parental hazard-acknowledgement form2 on file with the host department.

In addition, children may occasionally visit laboratories for short periods if they are accompanied at all times by an adult who works in the laboratory.

1If radioactive materials are in the laboratory, minor must be trained and provided with a film badge in accordance with "Policy on Minors in Radioactive Materials Use Areas". Training must be documented on the "Record of Training".

2 Parental/Guardian Hazard-Acknowledgment Form,
2 Application for child labor exemption permit minors under 16 years of age

March 1997