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Infectious Waste Disposal
Summary Chart
(Part 1)


Type of Waste Type of Container Local Treatment Final Disposal

Needles, syringes, surgical scalpels, razor blades, Pasteur pipettes, capillary tubes, slides, cover slips and shards of contaminated glass

Sharps are considered infectious waste whether contaminated with infectious agents or not.

sharps container
Sharps Container
Place sharps items intact, directly into sharps receptacle immediately after use, without recapping. Sharps container must not be filled more than 3/4 full.

When container is 3/4 full, close container tight and seal by taping cover.

Open containers, and container with items other than sharps will not be picked up
Shipped off campus to outside contractor for ultimate destruction

store containers in a secure area until pick up for disposal by Environmental Health and Safety.
Contaminated Non-Sharps Items

Culture media and plastic ware, glass ware or other non-sharps items (e.g gloves, absorbent pads, test tubes, non-Pasteur pipettes, culture plates etc), contaminated with potentially infectious materials or agents (e.g. blood, body fluids, infectious cultures)

Never place sharps items in autoclave bag, sharps must be disposed off in sharps container
Clear autoclave bag
(Not red bag)

Photo coming soon
Decontaminate by Autoclaving

Place waste bag (clear autoclave Bag) in autoclave machine for 60 minute cycle at 121 C. after autoclaving, let waste bag cool off and drain excess liquid, then place bag in regular trash bin located in autoclave room.
Regular waste stream as trash
after autoclaving

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