Environmental health and safety office

Pyrotechnic Display Procedure

The University of Minnesota permits the display of indoor and outdoor pyrotechnic devices during special events under the following procedure:

Seven working days before the performance of any production of any size, the permit applicant shall submit a pyrotechnics plan to the UMD Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO) at 726-7139 for approval.

A copy of the pyrotechnics plan, EHSO approval and the Duluth Fire Department permit shall be held by the permittee and made available at the site for safety personnel, building officials and fire department representatives.

Any additions or changes to the pyrotechnics plan or presentation of these devices must be approved by EHSO prior to the event.

The pyrotechnics plan shall include:

The name of the person, group or organization sponsoring the production.

The date and time of the production.

The exact location of the production.

The name of the pyrotechnics company and the name of the pyrotechnics operator in charge of the production.

All applicable federal and state licenses and permits.

Evidence of the permittee's insurance.

The exact number and types of pyrotechnic devices and materials to be used.

Provide a diagram of the production detailing device locations, fallout radius and distance from the audience.

Provide material safety data sheets (MSDS) for each type of device.

A walk-thru and a representative demonstration of the pyrotechnics may be required before the plan is approved.

Where the use of certain indoor pyrotechnics requires smoke detectors to be by-passed or air-handling systems to be placed in smoke purge, the fire department shall be notified and a fire department representative shall be present to conduct a fire watch. University personnel responsible for the life safety systems of the building shall return the systems to normal operating conditions as soon as possible.

In all cases, at least two appropriately rated fire extinguishers shall be available at each production.

Unauthorized personnel shall be prevented from gaining access to the production site, pyrotechnic materials and devices.

For additional information, contact us at ehso@dumn.edu .