Environmental health and safety office

Rubbish Containers

Combustible rubbish kept or accumulated within or adjacent to buildings or structures shall be in approved containers or in rooms or vaults constructed of noncombustible materials. Oil rags and similar materials shall be stored in metal, metal lined or other approved containers equipped with tight fitting covers.

Rubbish containers kept outside of rooms or vaults shall not exceed 40.5 cubic feet capacity. Containers exceeding 5.3 cubic feet (40 gallons) capacity shall be constructed of noncombustible materials or nonmetallic materials having a peak rate of heat release not exceeding 300 kW/m sq. Containers exceeding 5.3 cubic feet (40 gallons) shall be provided with a lid.

Combustible rubbish stored in containers outside of noncombustible vaults or rooms shall be removed from buildings at least once each working day.

Dumpsters and containers with an individual capacity of 40.5 cubic feet (1.5 cubic yards) or more shall not be stored in buildings or placed within 5 feet of combustible walls, openings or combustible roof eave lines.